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How to Become a Legendary Project Manager

Olivier Cothenet is a Project Management Officer specializing in new technology of information and communication. He has over 15 years of project management experience in nonprofit organizations, in small, medium and large companies in both local and international contexts.

You are certainly a great project leader, but have you ever tried to go a step beyond to be a legendary project manager? The one that can win commitment of stakeholders with just a few words, and can change the minds of the people working around you?

The path is at your fingertips. This article will cover nine tips to help you become a “legendary” PM:

  1. Don’t just be good, be excellent. Be a reference in everything you deliver.
  2. Set up rituals. Gather your team during moments where the pressure slows down.
  3. Have a motto. Sprinkle your speech with great punchlines that will stay in everyone’s mind.
  4. Don’t follow the fashion, be the fashion. Define your own methodology that will perfectly match your project (and the organization).
  5. Have a color and let it shine. Be yourself and imprint your style in your management.
  6. Be stronger than the storm. When everything goes wrong, be the stone where the rebuilding will start.
  7. Share everything you have. You will be rich with what you have shared.
  8. Stand by your principles. Manage your project with strong values—and never surrender them.
  9. Be “normal.” Don’t feel that you have to be a super hero; be happy to just lend a hand.

Becoming a legendary project manager
A long time ago, when I was acting as the PMO for a secret government organization, I had the fabulous …

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