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What does Servant Leadership mean to you?

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What does Servant Leadership mean to you?

Today, I am very thankful to Jon R Wallace in my leadership journey. I would like to share with you his Transformational Servant Leadership Innovation (TSI) model and hope you find it as helpful as I do!

Transformational Servant Leadership Innovation Cycle (Wallace)

Jon pointed out that “Transformational Leadership and Servant Leadership are closely intertwined with similar meanings. I agree with him that Servant Leadership is “transformational in scope and outcomes”. It is principle-based and it all started from the heart with the Trust that came from Altruistic Integrity which, when nurtured, will lead to Ingenuity that connects with the purpose. Servant Leadership has the potential to improve the organizational outcome and transform lives.

Transformational Servant Leadership Innovation Cycle (Wallace)

On a micro scale, we can say that trust relationships with people are the foundation of leadership. When thinking of servant leadership, think stewardship and commitment to help others succeed. Experience is our best teacher and so is the love of learning. Applying what we learn will prepare us for success.

I picture servant leaders to be quiet leaders because they are thinkers (have vision) and they are also doers. Servant Leaders focus on providing the service, with others in mind (selflessness) and listen well. The intent itself demonstrates respect, awareness, and empathy to achieve a greater good. They plan ahead and anticipate change (have foresight); therefore, they are quick to respond to the unexpected.

As Jon said, “At the end of the day it becomes a matter of what we choose to do to improve ourselves and then how we transfer that knowledge to encourage others to do the same.” It is the choice we make to achieve sustainable impact. I believe that is quite powerful. Do you?

Posted by Suzan Cho on: April 04, 2017 08:02 AM | Permalink

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Thanks for the useful Information.

Thanks Suzan, it's not exactly the same, but, it reminds me of a proverb that says: the wise learn more of the fools than the fools of the wise (I can not remember the author). It is not an offense, it means that when we teach something, we learn more from the people we teach, of course both learn, teacher and student

Thanks for sharing.

Transferring knowledge and giving others a hand to develop in both their roles and as servant leaders are so key to success.

Thanks, Suzan!

Good post!
However, adapting servant leadership takes time actually.

@Ruben, @Mike, @Sonali, Thanks for your post. I cannot agree with you more! That's why it's a journey and it requires a mass to form the momentum. Let's encourage and help one another in continuing the servant leadership journey, finding treasures to share, inspire, rekindle the spirit and enjoy the process as we make progress!

Thank you for sharing this article!

Thank you for sharing this article!

I hope all corporate move towards servant leader role, try to implement trust based and ethical business more than money centric.

I recall a famous carpenter from the middle east who taught great wisdom about servant leadership, about 2000 years ago.

I agree. This is very powerful. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Suzan
Interesting reflection on the theme: "What does Servant Leadership mean to you?"
Thanks for sharing

Interesting model "Transformational & Servant Leadership Innovation Cycle"

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