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If you have a PMI certification, we've made it even easier to display your accomplishment!

PMI has partnered with Acclaim to provide you with a digital badge that proudly displays your professional qualifications and achievements. Plus, your badge comes with valuable job market information so that you can keep your career moving forward.

Your badge is a digital version of your certification, skills and qualifications. It allows you to easily show your colleagues, friends or potential employers:

  • When you earned the certification
  • What key skills are associated with the certification
  • What it takes to qualify for the certification
  • The work you do to actively maintain the certification

You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, in an email signature or embed it in a website. And, you can share your accomplishment with anyone, anywhere—it’s up to you!

Don't want to share your badge? No problem! You can claim your badge without sharing it and still have the ability to access it whenever you need to quickly verify your certification status.

But how do you actually claim your badge? You will receive an email from Acclaim notifying you that PMI has issued you a badge. Click the Accept button below your badge image. This will take you to the Acclaim page, where you will create an account to claim your badge. Once you've confirmed your e-mail address, then you can sign into Acclaim to claim your badge and share your achievement!

For more information regarding PMI Certification Digital Badges and claiming your badge, visit

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: June 16, 2017 08:08 AM | Permalink

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Already receive the acclaim mail. Thanks for sharing

This is a very cool feature - I've already accepted my badge.

Got my email for this and accepted my badge.

I, too, have accepted my badge, and added a link in my resume.

Always great to see PMI continuing their efforts around improvements.

It's an amazing feature - I accepted and share it.

shared :( still working...

This adds to the reason to clear the exam for me now.. Cheers..!!

More Tracking! I'll consider.

I did not like Acclaim being able to post for me on social networks, which is why I did not connect any of my account with it. I did add my badge manually on LinkedIn. Be aware, you do not have to connect Acclaim to your social networks if you do not want to, you will just need to do the process manually.


Its boost morale for PMP aspirants.

The Acclaim link is tooooooooo intrusive, interface independently with social media and collects / track usage
Sorry, no plan to use it

Good one. Added as an optional email signature; helps differentiate my knowledge and commitment to clients.

Funny how people congratulate on my PMP of 2001, since acclaim PMP badge

I received minebut I wasn't aware of everything behind it.
Nice info/clarification.

Thanks for the info. I've accepted my badge, which is a great addition, but declined on the social media connections.

Very nice initiative Marjorie.

Very nice addition, not so sure if I should connect it to social networks !!
Anyway, thank you :)

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