The Lean / Agile / Waterfall made to order Hybrid-Plus for software projects

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The Project Manager

The architect of the project plan will guide and monitor everyone along the way to stay on course within the defined scope and project timeline.

The PM's Buffet to create a hybrid-plus

  • Function Lean by eliminating waste and looking for ways to add value. Always ask why? Why is it done that way? Can we implement this change to improve the process? Lean is a mindset and discipline. Live it to be efficient. 
  • Be Agile by being quick, adaptive, resilient, and flexible with the appropriate course of action to take.
  • Follow the linear path of a Waterfall with the flexibility to go back and forth on the waterfall as needed when changes are required. The main point is a defined beginning and end. The project manager is your guide to reach the destination by satisfying the project requirements.

The Project Flow

Teams need to complete their tasks on time or ahead of schedule when it is a dependency for another team to start their tasks. Always keep the project flow in mind on how one team affects the other teams.

Business Analyst Team

Gather the project requirements to create the Business Requirements Document that will be the primary work in progress document for the project teams to update and refer too. Define all the key delivery dates in the BRD to monitor milestones.

Design / Development Team

Update the BRD with the technical specifications. The technical specifications in the BRD will be assigned to programmers.

Quality Assurance Team

Validate the work performed by the programmers to ensure that the introduced modifications to the system satisfies the project requirements defined in the BRD. Always perform regression testing. Test as hard as you can to try and break the system.


Tailor Lean / Agile / Waterfall to meet the approach that will benefit your organization. Take the buffet approach to create a Project Management Hybrid-Plus called the "LAW". The "LAW" hybrid-plus is not limited to software development, it can be used on any type of project. The PM is the architect of the hybrid-plus that will work for their organization.


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I'm not convinced the BRD is the best place to put key delivery dates and milestones. (Our company's BRD template does include milestones.)

I find the BRD milestones don't get updated once a project schedule has been created

For any organization to remain relevant, it has to adapt to emerging trends and that applies equally to project management. By no means project management is something static. And hybrid approach gives you the flexibility to pivot in a project and use the best methods for a specific aspect.

Hybrid is an interesting word; it suggests a blending of the two, when in fact they are not. Perhaps it's better to say some aspects of the project are performed using Waterfall and some in Agile.

I think hybrid combines the best of Agile and the work breakdown structure to create a new project management method. Thanks for sharing.

Can you plz elaborate more, what do you mean by "Law Hybrid"

(L)ean (A)gile (W)aterfall
The LAW is a hybrid that you tailor to the needs of your organization.

Thank you for the great feedback.

A hybrid approach is actually a great idea to combine Lean, Agile and Waterfall. I've used this approach before and it really made a huge difference in embracing agile.

Thanks Denise.

Very useful information. Thanks for sharing

Thanks Farouq!

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