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Project Management should be transparent for Stakeholders to have a good insight on the progress. That will put some pressure on the Project Manager. Project Managers do provide periodic reporting, but is that enough? Go a step further and provide Stakeholders with the ability to have access to real time status that they can get on their smartphones or laptops. Select a Project Management Software that will provide mobile access. 


A Project Manager should welcome transparency. Transparency will demonstrate a confident Project Manager that is leading a team that will deliver results to their Stakeholders.

Transparency will get your Stakeholders engaged in the project by having real time updates on the progress. Good and bad news will be known now and not on a periodic status report.


(Note - this article was originally written by Drake Settsu and published on in October 2016)

Posted on: March 05, 2018 02:54 AM | Permalink

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I like the blood red writing Drake. "Transparency or else!" lol


Thanks Sante.

Thanks for sharing, Drake! Hand-in-hand with transparency is integrity to ensure that what is being shared is an accurate reflection of reality and not a "massaged" version of the truth!

Good point Kiron. The value of transparency will be lost if there is no integrity in the status reporting.

I agree that transparency is very important. Good insights, Drake and thanks for sharing.


Transparency allows PM to feel comfortable with providing and accepting important feedback about problems encountered and builds a culture of trust.
I would add that transparency should not only be limited to PM or his/her team but it is an equal responsibility of all stakeholders.

Transparency, absolutely

Thank you Anish, Girish, Eduin and Vincent.

Najam - That is a good point about stakeholders having an equal responsibility to be transparent. Thanks!

Good One Drake, fully agree. Transparency builds trust especially transparency in communication.

Thanks Rami!

I agree Drake, specifically Good and bad news will be known now and not on a periodic status report. it helps to build trust and confidence and also gives opportunity to the project management to communicate effectively.

Thanks Emmanuel!

Good post.

But I doubt that whether that "Transparency" will educate the stakeholders / customers, If so most won't have any recurring projects or clients.

Thanks Bala!

Good post

Thanks Michael!

I agree Drake.
Transparency has been the key to early buy-in for most my projects.

Thanks Frederick!

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