PM Wars Tournament, 6-8 October, 2018 PMI Global Conference

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Categories: community events, PM Wars

Back by popular demand, the PM Wars Tournament will again be hosted this year at the 2018 PMI Global Conference! Attendees of the conference can compete and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a fun competition throughout Conference in the Exhibit Hall.

Click this link to sign up in advance and reserve your spot in the competition. Registration will also be available in the Exhibit hall on Saturday only. Space is limited; reserving today can ensure you get to participate!

PM Wars at PMI Global Conference 2018 pitches you head to head against other PMs in a test of your Project Management knowledge!

This tournament will be conducted using a single elimination style bracket where the most knowledgeable PMs will advance. You'll have 90 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. You get +2 points for a correct answer and -1 for a wrong answer. You are allowed to skip questions, but only three times.

The tournament rounds will be played on Saturday, 6 October and Sunday, 7 October, culminating in a final battle on Sunday, 7 October to determine whose PM knowledge stands above the crowd! Prizes will be granted for first and second place:

  • Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa
  • Fitbit Charge 2

NOTE: Participants must be in attendance at Global Conference and able to compete in their chosen or assigned time slots. Anyone not able to compete at their time(s) will forfeit their competition and the other PM will advance.

Date: 10/06/2018 (Sat.)
Time: 10:35am - 5:20pm PDT
Location: Exhibit Hall
Register Online Today

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: September 20, 2018 11:43 AM | Permalink

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This is great!

Muh ha ha....

Will the results be posted? Would be fun to see brackets and breakdown.

Will it be live here? Just the result, the top result?

Ohhh I didn't know that... thinking about it!

Hi Andrew,

Yes, results are posted daily on the white board, please stop by if you are attending Conference! I am leading the sessions!!!

Hi Kimberly, this is a great initiative. I won't be attending but would you mind keeping us posted with the final results ?

On another note, why don't you do another tournament online too during Virtual Conferenes ? Wouldn't that be a great idea ?

Kimberly is all over it. The tournament board is all drawn up! With no help from my in-process review

Update: Finally I didn't participated, but I stopped by to see how it was going.

@Rami if I remember correctly Emily L. posted a picture of it.

@Mayte: Maybe you've seen something that I haven't. Please guide me to the link - Thanks !


The 12) is a picture and a external link.

However I realized that the name of the winner wasn't in the whiteboard.

@Mayte: Ive seen those before but this is not what I was askign about. However, I just noticed the external link on the 12th photo. Interesting how the PM War Challenge was - Nice !

Sorry Rami, I thought that you were asking for the winners... :)

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