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New digital workplace trends...AI and robots

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New digital workplace trends...AI and robots

New Year is coming very soon. So…it’s time for taking stocks and for new trends. I think the most important things which has been affected of all people in outgoing year were the artificial intelligence and using robots. A lot of people worry when they see how quickly these things are developing, growing up and see how they could be dangerous for people. 

But for my opinion we have to remember that these thing are only our technologies. Only people can decide how they will use. 

At this point I’d like to mention Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, United Nations, who said, that the main rules in the IT, in the using new technologies are that IT and new technologies must be safety and ethical. He said this in his speech on the Web Summit in Lisbon, November 2018, which called “Nurturing a digital future that is safe and beneficial for all”. I was there, I had listen him and it was really inspiring.

And I completely agree with him. Only if people will use new technologies, including AI and robots, in this way humans will go to next level their development. 

A lot of people feel fear that robots could change the people, but for the now it's not possible. Just look at the example from  China Xinhua News. Their experiment with the robot as a news ancor was fail, because it was not interesting to see the robot, the robot had had a voice and appearance modelled on Zhang Zhao, a real ancor with Xinhua. But a lot of people didn’t like it because there is no emotions, it was some monotonously.  And yesterday I had got the “2019 PMO Predictions: 4 trends for the digital workplace” by  I see an interesting thing in these trends because they all concern the above problem.

The first trend is “Digital disruption requires new skill set from your people…but remember, they’re only human”. It means higher demand of the soft skills. We can see it now too when people must have not only technical skills, but it’s very important to have the empathy, flexibility, communication skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, the ability to teach other people, etc.   

The second trend is “Digitalization requires an adaptive mindset…and a panoramic view of the landscape”. It means that to have the ability to look at the problem from above, to understand the world processes, to know new technologies, to be flexible for changing the working methods and tools, to think strategically.

The third trend is “Adaptive technology is your friend…and your transformativeally”. It means that we have to enjoy these technologies and find the best using of them in our activities and agile technologies.

The forth trend is “Collaboration…the blending of people skills and digital delivery”. Digital delivery will continue growing up, and it could be very useful in any businesses. 

We can't also deny robot and AI father development and, for my opinion we could find the ways of effectivness collaboration, it will give us a lot of benefits. 

I'd like to propose to listen a talk between Rao Dalio and Garry Kasparov on the Web Summit 2018 “Artificial intelligence is making more and more of our decisions for us. If this capacity limitless or are there some things only human intuition can determine?”

It would be interesting to know your view point. Don't hesitate, leave your comment. Have a nice day and successful stories!


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Irina, good post. Technologies for digitalization will certainly continue to influence our world. How about other technologies, like CRISPR, nanotechnology, Quantum computing, to be developed technology to counter global warming ...
Think Ethics will play a role to preserve what humanity is, but this is not at all certain. Ethics are based on human values and beliefs, like we should be fair, responsible, respectful or honest. These values come from our evolutionary development and cannot be changed quickly, as they are based on fixed brain circuits. Or beliefs that we strive to achieve goals, value hard work, which have been promoted by humanism from the 1500s and now are the base of western societies.
AI does not need to build itself on these.

"Digital disruption requires new skill..."- Soft Skills like empathy, flexibility, communication skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, the ability to teach other people, etc. as you say. Maybe, the new technology will become us in more humans than right now.

Very interesting article, thanks for sharing Irina.

Great post Irene. You make some very good points.

Thanks a lot Sergio! I hope for that too.

Thank you, Rami! I'm glad to receive your feed back!

Irena, its interesting post providing insights into use of AI in workarea's

Besides text, the linked video is also full of good information. The quote around 13:28 about redundant jobs is interesting and more interesting is discussion between an investing genius and chess legend, to share their understandings and approaches towards future of decision-making process.

Irina - That camera could have used landscape format like others in clip for better viewing experience (please excuse my humor). In fact, I appreciate your effort for doing more important thing, which is to share excellent contents in this community. Thank you very much!

I couldn't agree more! Nowadays AI and robots are the part of our reality and we are to face the trend. And soft skills are in great demand - the tendency will be stronger next year.

Hello Tomas Walenta! Thanks a lot for your interesting opinion! Quantum computing will change cryptocurrency world I think. Yes, I completely agree with you that ethic values come from our evolutionary development and our values, our minds, behaviour couldn't be change quickly. I see it, for example when I reed old books, or see a performance by the same's really true. But who's an interesting topic for researches.

Hello Olga! Thanks a lot for reading and your comment!

Great post thanks

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