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Inspiration interaction

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All of you know how important and difficult the process of define and elaborate requirements for a product. Based on my experience, PMI standard and the other practices I formulated the secrets, approaches, for achieving project success. 

I was invited by our PMI Moscow Russian Chapter, which had begun active work in Moscow, to speak about define and elaborate requirements process (my presentation was at Business Analysis Conference, November, 7th).

My lecture was in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives place in the Moscow city center. 

And now I’d like to share my impressions from this event. 

The topic had been turned a big attention not only from the project managers, but also from startups. More than 150 persons had been registered from the event. 

It was very interesting discussion after my presentation, and I got a great feed back, and I had interesting observation.

Of course, I didn’t take the big discovery, just said about my view point and a lot of things are always known, but practically I think people don’t quite use it. 

Discussion after lecture was very interesting. The people told about their situations and asked how could they use these secrets? I asked for these questions and I hope it was useful for them. 

Some persons from startups said that it’s not about them, it’s only about classic story, about some government projects, etc.

But I think it’s a very important to startups. And we talked about it too.

For example, maybe some weeks ago I saw in the linkedin a post with the questions from one startups. These questions was about functions for their product. I was really surprised to see how people don’t know what to do and think only about functionality which have a lot of the same platforms. 

For me to know how the people are working in the different companies with different projects was very interesting and useful too, because now I know that all these secrets is important, but maybe they need more explanation and instruction how could they be used.

Because of that now I’m working on the practice online course about it. 


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Rami Kaibni
Community Champion
Senior Projects Manager | Field & Marten Associates New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Irina, thanks for sharing your presentation details. Business Analysis is becoming more and more important and I find there is a notable overlap between the role of a BA & PM.

Alok Priyadarshi Project Manager| Tata Consulting Engineers Limited Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
It seems, you had a great experience from your interactions. Thanks for sharing!!

RAJESH K L Project Manager, PMP| Bharat Electronics, Bengaluru, India Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Thanks for sharing

Pang DX Singapore
Fruitful session indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Dhawal Shah PM Consultant| Electronic Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nice post Irina!!
Thanks for sharing your experience in the post.

Startup guys must be more aware of requirement gathering as there will be a new venture and they have to withstand their initial period.

On the other hand, organizational team also can not take eyes off the project requirement at any point of time but they are lesser prone to risks of requirement mismatch or so.

One or two examples of discussion would have helped understanding the current BA people viewpoints on requirement defining & elaborating.
But in any case, this post is really useful giving rise to utmost importance to requirement gathering process which later becomes the scope & quality thresholds.

Thanks again!!

Sergio Luis Conte Helping to create solutions for everyone| Worldwide based Organizations Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank you for sharing. The key point to take into consideration is: you never get requirements. You always get needs/wants/desieres/wishes thatn you have to transform into requirements. That is mostly forgotten and it is the first step to fail in creating what people expect to be created.

Shijith Sugadhan Electrical Engineer-MEP Construction| Saudi Arabian Bechtel Company Chengannur/Alappuzha, Kerala, India
That's a very important topic to bring up in discussion because it's the foundation stone of any project/program and probably the most difficult part. There should some basic framework like a kind of education or training etc that could empower the people to clearly depict their requirements when it comes to projects, programs or even life. I know its an ideal situation but just imagine a world where majority of the professionals and stakeholders could clearly elaborate their requirements and priorities which could eventually cut down a tremendous amount of effort and resources being wasted while executing a project.

Irina Kulikova Product Lead| Sportmaster Vienna , Austria
Thanks a lot to all of you for reading and your feed back. Yes, Rami, I complitely agree with you, Business Analysis is really becoming more and more important. It takes more knowledges, more creative thinking too.
It's great when professionals from the different countries with different experience are looking for a decision of the define and elaborate requirements problem. I think we will have finally new algorithm for this process, and maybe new information system.

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