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One misconception many new project managers bring to their role is a belief (or is it a hope?) that a particular methodology, the latest tool or a popular template will bring them success in their work.

It’s understandable, but it’s a misguided, often doomed way of thinking about your very critical role. 

Focusing exclusively on processes or systems is dangerous because it could mean other equally important factors in your project’s success are being relegated to bit players, if not swept off the stage entirely.

The fact is, there will always be plenty of rules and requirements that tell you what to do. The best project managers always allow room for asking why and how.

That’s not to suggest project management fundamentals aren’t important. But once you’ve moved out of the classroom and into the world of personalities and problems, projects quickly become more than budgeting and scheduling.

Methodologies don’t complete projects, teams and individuals do. That’s where leadership skills are so important, and yet they still get labeled as soft—as if the ability to resolve conflicts, influence team members and convince stakeholders isn’t hard!

This kind of leadership requires credibility—along with intuition and decision-making, instinct and risk-taking. These qualities might be considered intangibles, but they can and quite often do make the difference between a project that bogs down as soon as it encounters its first crisis, and a project that nimbly navigates those choppy waters until is delivers as promised. 

So that’s why you should make your credibility a priority — and manage it as your most important project of all! 

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Dear Aaron
Interesting perspective
Thanks for sharing
I am a learner and practitioner of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the 8th Habit (From Effectiveness to Greatness).
Private victory, Public Victory and Leadership are the topics covered.
I am convinced that the topics you mentioned are covered by Stephen Covey

Good approach of most important aspects and considerations of project management. We must identify and choose every tool we consider adequate for our project, not only taking into account the novelty of the tool.

Next-Gen PM’s and seasoned professionals alike, this is uncompromised wisdom!

Thanks Aaron, a practice built on these pillars of truth will truly thrive – well stated!

Quite InterestingTopic.. Thanks for sharing it..

Very interesting article., thanks for sharing

I can certainly read 10 more articles like this, simplistic yet powerful messages thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Very powerfull maseege especially for the beginners. Thank you for sharing

So very true Aaron, leadership and I believe experience....

'I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work... Thomas Alva Edison

mmm now where did I last see Pandora's box....

Hence, why this is such a powerful platform, so we can share both explicit and tacit knowledge, keep sharing

Soft-skills to Power-skills. Fundamentals are for building greatness. Greatness comes from a broad application of experience and ingenuity.
Thanks, Aaron. And love these short, quick read articles.

Thank you, Aaron for sharing your thoughts. Good points, and very true.

Thanks for sharing this and I can't agree with you more.....

Great message. Interpersonal skills are often not considered when hiring a PM, but they are a key to success. Thank you.


Technics or tools don't tell you how to benefit from using them, experience does.

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