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Community Transformation Update!

During 2019, PMI’s Digital Communities team worked on a number of initiatives to increase engagement, enhance the sense of community, and bolster programming within its online community. Check out the Ask Us Anything webinar series to learn more about PMI; talk all things on the Community Central discussion board; or seek guidance from one of our Ambassadors. We look forward to continuing such efforts in 2020 and beyond in order to advance the community!

The community’s evolution has led the team to reevaluate the Influence Score, which was launched in September 2014, and the purpose that it currently serves on Much has changed over the last five years - we have discovered that there are likely better ways to gauge and encourage engagement within the community.

As the community grows, we would like to find more useful ways to recognize all of the effort that community members put into engaging with each other, lending expertise, and enhancing the community’s vibrancy. For this reason, the Influence Score will be retired as of 30 March 2020. While you will no longer see the Influence Score (blue dialogue box) on your profile, the scores for topic areas (innovation, strategy, change management, agile, etc.) will remain. This functionality offers valuable insight into domain expertise within the community. You will also still be able to view the list of Active Members on the home page.

We are certainly evaluating ways to continue to recognize community members’ contributions and demonstrate your helpfulness, impact, and leadership within the community – stay tuned for updates! As always, please reach out to a Product Specialist if you have any questions.

Posted by Laura Schofield on: March 05, 2020 09:58 AM | Permalink

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How do people find Ambassadors?
They need to find the link to our Ambassadors. The community ambassadors program is nice, but people need to find them to interact. Have I not seen this post I would not know about Emily and Andrew.

Hi Vincent - the Ambassadors program was announced via The Critical Path blog in December (, and the program launched at the beginning of 2020 ( Any member of the community can reach out to Emily and Andrew via the Inbox feature or discussion forums. We will certainly consider more ways to make them visible and accessible within the community. Thanks for your feedback!

Sigh - it took me FOREVER to get up to second place in the Influence scores :-)

Oh well, no rest for the wicked!


I am happy when I influence my daughters to do the right things.


Hi Laura: Thank you for announcing this change. It makes me a little sad because, like Kiron, I had just realized a rise in my influence score. I wonder if this will make a difference in connections, blogs, discussions, etc. but I am looking forward to the learning about all the new ways PMI has to gauge and encourage engagement within the community! Exciting times ahead I'm sure!

Dear Laura
Thank you for this information about Score Influence and Score for Topic Areas

In my case, my influence on the score topic areas does not reflect my skills at all (domains and knowledge)

Can you share with us the criteria that will be used to assign the score for topic areas?

Dear Kiron
For 6 months, I had the opportunity to watch closely (daily) your involvement, dedication and contribution to this community and the value you add to it

I honestly have great difficulty in understanding the abolition of the Influence Score

The arguments used, in my opinion, are not very coherent and consistent: "As the community grows, we would like to find more useful ways to recognize all of the effort that community members put into engaging with each other, lending expertise, and enhancing the community’s vibrancy"

I also had great difficulty in understanding the ambassadors' creation initiative, the process used in its creation and the chosen ambassadors

If there are ambassadors in this community they should be Kirom and Rami

For me, this initiative (that of creating ambassadors) has no point to take because there are at least 15 to 20 people who contribute on a regular basis to the community.

The concern should be: how can we involve more people?

Hello Luis,

In addition to the existing badging, we are certainly evaluating other ways for making people feel recognized and appreciated. There are many ways to participate within the community and contribute to various discussions – write an article, present a webinars, or post in one of the discussion forums. Stay tuned to the Critical Path blog for any updates!

Thanks for the kind words, Luis!

I'd settle for being #1 in the Influence ranking for one day - just long enough for me to take a screenshot of it :-). While I have a lot of respect for Mark, I'd have to say that my engagement over the past couple of years is a heck of a lot more visible than his!


Dear Kimberly

Thank you for your response to what I wrote

These are measures such as the creation of the ambassador program (process of creating and nominating them), ending the Influence Score, the Score for Topic Areas not reflecting the skills or the knowledge of the people to whom this score was attributed, are some of the situations that make me move further away from this community

Of course, I could refer to other situations, such as removing from my blog the valid contribution of other people "challenged" by me to write on it, changing my level of influence without reason for that to happen (don't tell me it was the algorithm ), do not consult people or give coherent and consistent explanations for the measures they take

Finally, what does it mean that you wrote: "In addition to the existing badging, we are certainly evaluating other ways for making people feel recognized and appreciated"?

Do you end up with Influence Score and you still haven't thought of alternatives to recognize people?

Do you consider that I can accept with such ease that, from one moment to the next, "erase" more than 1500 hours of my involvement, participation, contribution to this community? (of course, done voluntarily)

If you end up with Influence Score this is what will happen

Dear Kiron
What I wrote about you is the result of your participating on a daily basis in this community
You don't have to thank me for anything.

I have to thank you for your contribution and the way you do it

Only those who come to this community sporadically do not realize their participation and involvement

Is Fairness a PMI Principle?

Or at "do what I say, don't do what I do" is the Principle?


Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated. I am glad to see you back here participating.


We are not defined by our influence. Those active here intrinsically know those who have influence. There is no simple way to measure one's influence, and certainly, there are those who will look to game the game.

It's been an interesting relationship with the Influence score. I would be lying if I said it meant nothing but at the same time, we all recognize the algorithm, mysterious as it is, does not always seem to match.

As Luis states, the scores for the topic does not always seem to match. Would be great to see some improvement there.

And absolutely agree, many amazing folks here that have honorably served the community with humbleness for many years that can step in for the next 6-month Ambassador stint - Rami, Kiron, Stephane, Lori, George, Thomas, .... all would be great additions to the program. Look forward to see the growth and maturity of the program.


Thanks for the announcement. Like Kiron and Lori, I feel a bit sad that the influence score is retiring soon given that I've been a "Heavy Duty" contributor since more than 5 years with close to 11,000 contributions .

The influence score had its weight at least within the community but we certainly can live without it as the real influence is measured by how much you actually contribute to the profession and give back.

Regarding the scores for topic areas that will remain, you mentioned that this functionality will offer valuable insight into domain expertise within the community. I am not sure this is accurate, as this is by no measure a reflection of someone's domain expertise. It is merely a reflection of someone's level of contribution and engagement in this domain within the community and I have a good argument to support this:

If I go to any domain topic now and spend two days rating and commenting on each article "Thanks for Sharing", my influence score for this topic will rise so how is this a reflection of my domain expertise. I am not trying to be negative but trying to have more of a constructive argument as this statement might offend some domain experts in this community while our intent is to increase engagement, not decrease it.

Last, regarding the badges, I hope there is a plan to update the badges list as there are lots of badges that are outdated.

I know how much hard work you guys put into what you're doing so regardless whether we agree with some changes / decisions or not, your efforts are appreciated. Thank You !


Dear Rami
I mentioned your name in recognition of your contribution to this community (content and form)

I can only thank you for your involvement and commitment

I do not agree with the ambassadors program or the nomination process (in PMI the practice is: expression of interest, verification of compliance with requirements and submission to suffrage)

At the time of its creation, I expressed my disagreement and, curiously, I did not change my opinion

I argue that, taking into account the people who actively participate in this community (of course I am referring only to volunteers), this initiative could be revoked

I sincerely believe that the focus should be: how to have the contribution of other people.
- How to get the people who took the Master Class to share their experience with us?
- How to get PMIEF volunteers to share their experience with us?
- How to get people who have given and give their contribution to PMI to be more active here? (Direction of the PMI Chapters around the world, or Ricardo Vargas, Walter Ginevri, etc ... etc ..)

I would love to be back in the community but, as I mentioned, I will reduce my participation to what it was before September 2019

Thank you very much for your feedback, Andrew, Rami, and Luis, regarding the topic area score and badging. We will certainly look into this further and work to identify opportunities for refinement. As Kimberly mentioned, please do keep an eye on the Critical Path blog for any updates. This is definitely a period of excitement and change for PMI’s online community! We very much appreciate the time and effort that members put into contributing to the community – you all are what make it great!

Dear Laura
Thanks for your comment
I sincerely hope that you change your decision to end the Influence Score

I can't wait to see the new changes coming!

Related to the influence score, I'm aware that some of you worked hard to be there, with interesting discussions, blog entries, webinars...

However, I had sometimes the feeling that the influence score promoted the "Thanks for Sharing" more that empowered and recognized the real contributors.

I thought a few times what is the best solution to appreciate and recognize the people that are making a difference to the profession, without finding a perfect solution to share with the community... I concluded that it will not be an easy task for the designers of the new site. Because when change occurs, most of us (including myself ) tends to criticize it, did we forgot about "the wall of fame" and the amount of discussion opened that we had related that? and the new PMI logo?

As far as I know, PMI reached a few of us to ask about this site, what we like, what we don't like. So the improvements and modifications that we will see will have feedback from peers from this community, that sometimes we are aligned and sometimes not...and that makes the beauty of this site, different people, different backgrounds, different personalities and industries giving back and grow the community.

Related to the ambassadors program, from my point of view is a brand new program and they started with Emily and Andrew. I had the opportunity to met both of them and I bet that they will put all their soul to make an amazing work.
Sure, they missed some big contributors to the community, but maybe those didn't have availability or didn't answer the phone, or weren't the profile that PMI was looking for the first program launch. Maybe we will see them during upcoming programs, who knows!

Let's keep an eye open and continue giving back to support this site and the PMI Community. All us, doesn't matter if we have a big or small score are doing great. Keep going!

At the time I have missed the post, sorry. I think you see what I mean. I think I'm fairly active and I haven't seen it. So people that visit the site once every few weeks, can't find that.

Cara Mayte
Thank you for your opinion

How can you imagine I accept and respect your opinion

Do you know how much effort is needed to move from 70 to 90 points of influence in the community?

And do you know what is the amount of effort to go from 90 to 92 points of influence?

Do you know what it feels like to go from 92 points to 91 points without any logic and / or explanation? (coincidence of coincidences, exactly on the day when another participation in a voluntary action in PMI was ratified)

Amount of effort = can be translated into hours of and participation in the community

Certainly, people who just say "thanks for sharing" don't reach that score (out of 90 points)

On the other hand, whether we like it or not "thanks for sharing" is much more pleasant and encouraging than writing anything :-)

In addition to the algorithm, the
Influence Score and the Scores for Topic Areas also have human intervention (regulatory)

The most interesting is the explanation that was given to end the Influence Score

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