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Believe It or Not, You Were Built for This Time

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Believe it or not, you were built for this time

By Peter Tarhanidis, PhD

No one could have expected the reality of what a pandemic unleashes on each of us—our families, communities and places of employment. A once booming economy filled with demand and focused on the deployment of strategic investments and projects has now changed. This global pandemic has brought on uncertainty, sparking leaders and NGOs around the world to step up with varying approaches to crisis management, emergency response and the critical need for communication.

The implications of COVID-19 have exposed us to new health risks, limited healthcare capacity, challenged supply chains and the need to operate in the new normal of isolation and social distancing.

Yet we all have witnessed how leadership can stand up, rally and partner with government and industry to provide guidance to avoid undue risks, maintain connections and guide us through this pandemic. While this entire episode may be distressing and taking its toll, YOU were built for this unprecedented global crisis. Your development as a leader and manager of teams and initiatives has established an excellent foundation to rely on to guide your teams through this time.

As I continue to evolve and flex my leadership style during this time period, I’ve developed a list of key habits to offer some guidance to all project leaders:

  1. Reset your leadership style with compassionate behaviors.
  2. Connect with your team and continue to maintain your relationships.
  3. Stay in control by collaborating with your team to redesign the team’s guiding or working principles.
  4. Set clear boundaries to enable the balance of work and family time.
  5. Enable healthy habits for you, your family and your team members.
  6. Celebrate small wins and keep everyone motivated.
  7. Streamline unnecessary activities and prioritize new activities to combat the pandemic.
  8. Leverage technology to maintain professional and personal connections.
  9. Communicate and support your organization’s leadership messages to mitigate the pandemic.
  10. Consider re-prioritizing your milestones and initiatives, and realign goals to meet long-term business strategies.

Please comment below with any tactics that have helped you and your teams endure this time and keep moving forward.

Posted by Peter Tarhanidis on: April 09, 2020 03:25 PM | Permalink

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Since the start of working from home due to this pandemic, our department have been on Microsoft Teams and I find to my surprise great participation from the team. Everyone takes every opportunity to contribute to team discussions, as oppose to face-to-face meetings that some find apprehensive to voice their views freely..

Make effective use of web conferencing tools to continue in-person like interactions with the team.
Regularize some of the meetings which were earlier adhoc or used to happen on a one-on-one basis. This way all the team members will gather at the same time and discuss issues, mitigations etc.,

I've had the pleasure of coordinating a virtual team building event for our group yesterday to replace what would've been an in-person activity. We also just launched our weekly virtual "lunch socials" where anyone from our group can drop in and "hang out". The idea especially for the lunch gathering is to provide company to those working from home who may be alone and missing in-person interactions we normally have in the office or labs. Both have been successful as everyone have enjoyed and helped maintain some level of camaraderie which is especially valuable at this time.

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