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October 2021 PMI Fact File Stats

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October 2021 PMI Fact File Stats

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The most current PMI Fact File is in! Each month, updated numbers will be posted to the community through the Critical Path Blog. We’re very excited to continue providing this information to you, now more regularly and up to date than ever.

If you are interested in learning more about certifications, including agile certifications, keep exploring at PMI.

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: November 08, 2021 10:14 AM | Permalink

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Thanks Kimberly!

Looks like my questions in the comment I'd posted were lost when this article was reposted.

1. Would it be possible to post and update a trend graph showing the changes in membership and certifications for the main certs?

2. What is the timeframe for starting to publish the remaining DA certs (DAC & DAVSC)?



Hi Kiron - yes the original post was incorrect so we had to remove the old blog and update with today's. In regard to your inquiries, I can pass them along to the content team. Thanks for your patience!

Dear Kimberly
Thank you for sharing with us the PMI Fact Files for the month of October 2021

Hi Kimberly, thank you for re-posting. Are you going to add the Micro-Credentials stats at some point ?

Hello Rami - thanks for your question. I have passed this suggestion on to our content team for further insight.

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