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Notes on Reporting Progress (ii)

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Projects are about transition from one state to a desirably better state. Management is often viewed as a source of confusion. So lets break down the confusion and build up the means for transition to meaningful deliveries.

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Notes on Reporting Progress (ii)

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These short notes are expanded from the previous blog article.

The project progress report may present concise information such as – 

  1. % Completion supplied from a project management tool
  2. Accomplishments & Plans moving forward to the next reporting period.
  3. Risks & Impediments for notification and guidance of the project management steering committee.

Information may be presented on a presentation deck or a simple single page i.e. pdf. The % completion may be on schedule completion or cost completion, or computed in a method agreeable by all parties. A reliable tool is usually adopted for the purpose.

% Completion

Previously Reported

Last Reported

This Report





This Reporting Period [date1] to [date2]


Scheduled Activities for Next Reporting Period

  • Win 1 created
  • Win 2 completed
  • Loss 1 could be a suspended or terminated activity due to whatever reasons
  • Planned activities to begin in next reporting period
  • Include all outstanding activities (to carry forward).

Delivered e.g.

Deliverables in Next Reporting Period

  • Product from Win 1
  • Service procedures Win 2
  • Pertinent documentation
  • Required documentation with deliverables e.g. manual no. 1 
  • Evidence of project activities, work performance and deliverables. 


Risks & Issues

Identified Risk


Response Plan

  • May include impediment requiring intervention of e.g. project sponsor, owner or project steering committee.
  • For issues (or risks) requiring intervention and or direction, provide not more than 2 viable solution options.
  • Brief pointers on plans to deal with known risks. And whether the plans are in place and tested.


For impact, include a calendar to highlight visually the workload of the project, e.g.

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Binay Samanta Director| Project & Environment Consultants Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
Very nicely elaborated steps in progress reporting of projects

Michael Coleman Memphis, Tn, USA
Nice overview! Progress reporting is necessary to generate data that contributes to future activities.

Latha Thamma reddi Sr Product and Portfolio Management (Automation Innovation)| DXC Technology Mckinney, Tx, USA
Very Nice Detailed overview of the 2future activities with good examples and data.. really impressed

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