Project Management

Deliverable Review Checklist and Guidelines

As a project manager, you should see to it that no deliverable goes out the door to a client until it has been reviewed for accuracy, quality and adherence to specified requirements. Assemble a qualified team of reviewers and follow some strict principles to assess the deliverable to see if it's ready for prime time or in need of rework.  Avoid getting caught in an unproductive, unprofessional session that fails to evaluate the product and, worse, evaluates the producer instead. Guidelines for conducting formal deliverable review sessions must be established in advance, distributed to all reviewers, agreed upon and followed. The review team, project manager and deliverable author each have specific responsibilities to attend to after a deliverable review as well. Check your review session against this list at the beginning and end as well as at periodic points during the session to ensure that you are adhering to sound principles of formal deliverable review.

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