Project Post-Implementation Review Checklist

The Post Implementation Review (PIR) is conducted after completion of the project, but prior to making final improvements. Ideally, it should happen after the system has been in place long enough to allow for judgments to be made about how it will perform long-term. Its purpose is to evaluate how successfully the project objectives were met and how effective project management practices were. Document the results of the PIR in a close-out report called the post implementation review report.

Conducting a timely and thorough PIR will help identify lessons learned and previously unidentified shortfalls. These, in turn, will assist in making final improvements to the system being implemented.  Elements of lessons learned will also assist in planning, managing and meeting the objectives of future projects.

The checklist below is meant to be fairly comprehensive and can be pared down to suit your needs and the scale of the project.


What will you get out of this?

Your findings will help you make final tweaks and adjustments, close the project effectively, and contribute to your organization's ability to effectively conduct future projects.

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