Problem Escalation Matrix

There are always issues with projects and things are much easier if you know what your next option is for moving things along. This matrix offers a process for resolving various types of project problems and delays. This matrix covers the following types of isses and can be expanded to include as many as you need:

  • operational (scheduling, instructions, information, materials, performance issues and service cancellations),
  • logistical (product delivery, missing products, order cancellations and verifications) 
  • technical (error messages, botched instructions, technical questions) 


What will I get out of this?

Completing this matrix as a group allows you to establish a mutally agreed-upon process for resolving all major project issues. That way you spend time resolving problems rather than arguing about the process later on.

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"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."

- Mark Twain



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