Project Management

Requirements Management Plan

This template will help you build a Requirements Management Plan that addresses:

  • Collection- gathering the basic needs of stakeholders
  • Categorization – categorizing those needs
  • Prioritization – prioritizing those needs and identifying “must haves”
  • Tracing – tracking how those needs are addressed throughout the life of the project
  • Change Management – the process by which we will change our requirements as needs change
  • Verification – how we will verify that requirements have been met

This document is to be used a tool for communications, giving all stakeholders a view on how this process is managed for your project.  It completely answers the very common question, "How are you managing your project requirements?"

What will I get out of this?

Completing this template will give you an important communications tool, but perhaps even more importantly going through the process will clarify details in your mind that you had perhaps not previously considered.

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