Project Team Annual Leave and Absence Tracker


Format: Schedule

This tracker template will help project managers or department heads track their team's annual leave and absence.  A copy of this can be exchanged between managers and their staff, or hosted in a central repository and made accessible from anywhere (through secure links). The tracker allows the recording of other absences, thereby giving a complete view of annual absence.

Set up the Annual Leave Tracker with appropriate leave allowance for each staff member. Updating the individual pages will automatically update the consolidated Team Tracker page. For additional pages, you could copy and paste each page and create the links to the front page.  The reasons for "Other" absences can be selected from a drop-down list. Names are abbreviated; however, full names can be input. On individual pages, the first column can be hidden if necessary.  The tab names below are abbreviated to individuals (rename them as needed). The tracker can also be used to input future leave requests to provide a visibility of upcoming leave of project team resources.

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