Cost Estimation Template


Practice Areas: Cost Management, Risk Management

Format: Log / Evaluation Form

Need help keeping track of costs for items in various categories of your work breakdown structure? Use this simple Excel sheet to help produce a quick analysis.

The data entry and calculations tab contains both the data to entry and some analysis of those entries. The analysis totals the costs by WBS ID and by cost category; in order to calculate correctly, the WBS ID must be numeric and the cost category must be text.

  • Enter data into columns A to G as appropriate
  • D and E must be used together
  • F is for one time costs
  • G is for any indirect costs assigned to the WBS item (share of rent, insurance, utilities, etc.)

Different cost categories for the same WBS ID should be entered on separate rows; different costs within the same category can be included in the same row. The template is set up to extend to row 100; you can extend for as many rows as you need simply by extending formulas in columns H-J and L-M.

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