Project Financial Analysis Package


Format: Evaluation Assessment

This project financial analysis template includes four Excel sheets to help you make crucial project selection decisions based on:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI): A financial analytical method that compares the difference between the profit value that can be earned via a project and the cost of investment. This is calculated as a percentage value. The higher the percentage, the better the result.
  2. Net Present Values (NPV): A method used to evaluate investments where the net present value of all the cash inflows and outflows is considered under a given discount rate (which is the required rate of return). The project can be accepted if it produces a positive net present value.
  3. Internal Rate of Return (IRR): The discount rate at which the net present value of all the cash inflows and outflows of a particular project equals zero. This is almost the same as the net present value concept.
  4. Payback Period: The time period required to recover the funds expended in an investment. The payback period will indicate how long it will take for the project/organization to cover/match the expenses from an initial investment.

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