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This WBS Generator allows you to create a work breakdown structure by updating an Excel table and clicking a button. Users can create conditional formats to highlight keywords, change the options to modify the look and feel, maintain the WBS with on-the-fly updates, and add second- and third-level boxes. By creating custom conditional formats, such as on the word "GREEN", "RED" or "DONE", project managers focus stakeholder attention to key points in the WBS.

Users can also format the headers, number formats, styles, body background colors and fonts of individual detail boxes. To add more details within a box, simply add another column. To rearrange the details within a box, rearrange the columns in the table. To add more boxes, add a row. Each of the values within the WBS will be updated real time as the PM updates the table.

There are a dozen options that come with the WBS Generator template, including the ability to display the last field as vertical or horizontal and to display a legend, indicating which each detail within the box represents.

Note: The WBS Generator only works when Excel's default language is set to English. Please contact me if you'd like to localize this for your language.

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