Project Management

Software Project Tracking Template

By PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter

Format: Log

This simple tracker for software projects logs project status, review summaries, and important events. The sheet maintains resource utilization cost and completion percentages, ensuring that projects are within budget. The simplicity of the presentation helps the template be easily presented to higher management.

Usage instructions:             

1. Initial Setup

  1. Set up the header section with relevant information
  2. Add resources and their cost per hour
  3. Ensure the budgeted cost is added
  4. Fill the sprints in row 6, and planned completion percentages per sprint in row 8
  5. During the sprint planning, update the planned items in the Sprint section
  6. Fill the deliverables and milestones, along with due dates in the Payment Milestone section

2. Updating

  1. During every sprint review/planning session, make sure the resource usage for sprint is filled
  2. Update the actual percentage of work completion based on consensus with the team
  3. If there’s any important events such as client meetings, escalations, review meetings, etc., fill it in the Events section
  4. Note the status of sprint to be updated in “Actual” column in Sprint section

3. Variance

  1. Variance is the variation from the norm. Ideal project should have value of “1”. If the value goes less than 1, the budget is under utilized, making the project more profitable. If the value goes more than 1, the project has started to overshoot the budget.
  2. During the sprint review, the variance obtained against percentage completed can be updated in the “Variance Trent” sheet. This will plot the trend graph.

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