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Project Audit what to do?

Hello Team,

Have you had a project that have been audited? If so, what was requested from you in reference to the project in question and why do you think your project was audited?
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Cesar -

I'm assuming you are referring to an internal audit? If so, most large organizations which have a project audit process will select projects from the portfolio based on their overall complexity and risk and will also try to get a good sample across different areas of the portfolio.

A project audit starts by identifying specific control objectives which the auditors are concerned about. The project team is requested to provide evidence that those objectives are met. Findings emerge where there are perceived or real gaps and then the "fun" part of the audit really begins...


Usually the project audit done on planning phase and then at early execution phase.
It is done in one of among projects running in big organizations as stated by Kiron.
Manage quality process (8.2 process ) is responsible for Auditing the quality& processes of project.( Usually Internal Auditors comes and check in).

However it usually connected with project HEALTH check when there is a project near to be challenge.
Becuz if the project at challenge status" the project manager ask an assistance from sponsor and key stakeholder to identify the root cause of project challenge problem(s) and the first step done is project Audit/Health check.

is done is Project Audit/

Cesar, it is a regular process in any organization. Auditors (internal or external), randomly select some of the projects for auditing purpose. Organizations need to see how the projects are executed and whether they are meeting government standards.

To avoid repetition, in general, I second what has been said by Kiron and Mansour. Nevertheless, I'm afraid that project audits are not taken seriously enough. I would prefer to see that for each project is determined if it will be audited or not and at which stage. Including sanctions (go, no go) in case of a negative audit.

Project audits are done to improve implementation of different processes. The best approach when there is an audit is to support the audit team by providing all necessary information. A project audit at the end should provide valid recommendations to improve project implementation.

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