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What is the best project management software on the market today?
I've just been hired to lead a project management division in my department. I'm just getting into the world of formal project management and am doing some research into software that can help manage multiple projects for my team of Project Managers.
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It depends on your needs. PM software is more of an ecosystem than one program to perform all needs, just like Microsoft or Google don't sell only one stand-alone product.
The best project management software on the market today is the one that best fits for your current defined process.
It depends on your current portfolio project management maturity level, and my advice that you keep your focus on raising up your PMO Maturity level, high technological solution alone will not boost the overall performance of your PMO, there are other important factors that should be considered as well including but are not limited to (Governance, Structure, Process, Roles & Responsibilities, Methodologies and others), and if your PMO Maturity level is high enough and you are ready for adopting a PPM solution then my advice to check what can be integrated with other systems available in your organization and fit your documented requirements.
What is "best" for you is not necessarily "best" for someone else. I suggest you pick something and give it a try. You will quickly learn what your requirements are and what they are not.

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