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Topics: Business Case, Requirements Management, Using PMI Standards
MP4PM: How to conduct a business case review?
As mentioned in my blog here at i am in the development of "MP4PM - MindmaPping for ProjectManagement", a mind map based and PMBoK Guide aligned pm framework.

For further information please have a look here:

We already discussed about the first installment "Knowing your sponsor" here in the discussion board (if you have any contributions to this discussion please have a look here, the links to the discussion threads are at the end of the posting: )

Now it is time to work through the next installment which will be a mindmap/template for conducting a review of a business case document with the goal to extract all the relevant project information.

You may ask why this? Well, the business case is one of the primary Inputs to the "Development Project Charter" process which is the first process in the Initiation process group.

Let's have a short look at how the PMBoK Guide (Draft Version 6th Edition!) defines the business case:

"The approved business case, or similar, is the business document most commonly used to create the project charter. The business case describes the necessary information from a business standpoint to determine whether the expected outcomes of the project justify the required investment. It is commonly used for decision making by managers or executives above the project level.
Typically, the business need and the cost-benefit analysis are contained in the business case to justify and establish boundaries for the project. The business case is created as a result of one or more of the following reasons:
• Market demand (e.g., a car company authorizing a project to build more fuelefficient cars in response to gasoline shortages),
• Organizational need (e.g., due to high overhead costs, a company may combine staff functions and streamline processes to reduce costs),
• Customer request (e.g., an electric utility authorizing a project to build a
new substation to serve a new industrial park),
• Technological advance (e.g., an airline authorizing a new project to develop electronic tickets instead of paper tickets based on technological advances),
• Legal requirement (e.g., a paint manufacturer authorizing a project to establish guidelines for handling toxic materials),
• Ecological impacts (e.g., a company authorizing a project to lessen its environmental impact), or
• Social need (e.g., a nongovernmental organization in a developing country authorizing a project to provide potable water systems, latrines, and sanitation education to communities suffering from high rates of cholera).
In the case of multiphase projects, the business case is reviewed at every phase review to ensure that the project is on track to deliver the business benefits. Throughout the project life cycle, periodic review of the business case by the sponsoring organization also helps to confirm that the project is still aligned with the business case.
The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the project effectively and efficiently meets the goals of the organization and those requirements of a broad set of stakeholders, as defined in the business case.

The goal is know to setup a mindmap which provides the structure and the guideline for a proper review o the business case and to document all that information that is mentioned here before.

Since the map (work in progress) has already 10 sections/branches i will again setup a separate discussion thread for more or less each of this branches. We did this also for the "Knowing your sponsor" discussion and it provides a better overview and focus on the single branches.

I will provide all the single links to the discussion in one of the next postings here.

It would be great if many of you would participate on the discussion and so helping to develop a first class "business case review" map.

Thanks so much in advance!


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i have put the beta version of the map online now for your consideration and a better overview and understanding of the different branches, you may have a look here:



PS: Any feedback is highly appreciated!
Version 1.0 of the "review business case" map is now ready to download!

You can access an interactive online version of the “Knowing your Sponsor” map here (or just by clicking on the picture above):

Please use this version for review only.

If you want to use the map and/or work with it, then please download it from here:

For downloading the map/files you need to be logged in at

Thank you all so much for your support in creating this and please do not hesitate to provide any further feedback for future releases!


Hello Guys,

just a short status; i am actually very busy. I was adjusted to a new, very big and complex project within my company and so i have less time in the moment to work on MP4PM.
But it will go on, for sure, may be just a bit slower then in the last couple of weeks ...

If there is somebody out there who is interested in helping and participating with the development of MP4PM, please feel free to write me a note and lets discuss.

And if there are still some of you who didn't seen the very first webinar about "MP4PM" please have a look here:

It was a great experience and there where some great questions within the chat which (hopefully) all where answered in the webinar related Q&A section, please have a look here:

Any feedback is still much appreciated.

Looking forward to the upcoming webinar "MP4PM - develop project charter" ... ;)



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