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PMP is base on PMBOK a certification base on a knowledge
PRINCE2 is a methodology

I think PMP is more widely use and PRINCE2 stronger in UK influence country.

Nice, short and simple reply from Vincent.

PMP is not a matter of comparison with PRINCE2. PMP is the name of PMI´s certification. PRINCE2 is a method to preform project management with a project life cycle included.

I agree with my fellow colleagues. I believe Prince 2 is mostly for the UK but PMP is more globally recognized.

I suspect you meant PRINCE2 Practitioner certification versus PMI PMP certification?
(There is also a PRINCE2 Foundation and a PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification.)

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification has no education or experience pre-requisite, like the PMP. The only pre-requisite to taking the Practitioner certification exam is having one of the following certifications:

PRINCE2 Foundation
IPMA Level A
IPMA Level B
IPMA Level C
IPMA Level D

I always describe Prince2 as a methodology or governance approach that can be used by trained Project Managers in an environment where Prince2 is well understood and adopted.

PMP requires knowledge and experience of other highly relevant topics and skills that a Project Manager needs too.

PRINCE 2 Certification is a process-based project management approach that is considered as the de-facto standard used extensively by the UK government and is widely recognized both in the UK and internationally. PRINCE 2 is a series of management approaches that answers to what, when, how and whom in a project life cycle. It is a certification program administered by the APMG which originated in the UK but soon got recognition across the globe.
PMP Certification is the most popular credential in project management recognized across the globe. It is administered and controlled by the PMI Institute. It is a knowledge-based approach to project management. The PMP exam is based on the PMBOK Guide that describes the core practices and areas of project management including the five process groups and nine knowledge areas.

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