Project Management

How can I recover a project that has gone off schedule?

Saving a Slipping Schedule

by Kenneth Darter, PMP

When a schedule starts to slip, the project manager should be ready to jump in and get things back on track. Here are some strategies the PM can use that do not involve forcing everyone to work 80-hour work weeks.

Crashing a Project Schedule

from pmStudent posted by Josh Nankivel on

People are not widgets, don't treat them that way! Experienced project managers know there is a difference between what works on paper in a project schedule and what will work in reality. ...

Combating Resource Management Pitfalls

by Angela Bunner

Efficient management of employee resources puts projects on the road to success. On the same token, failing to manage resources properly can lead to project blunders, overtime, budget overflow and other damaging results.

Who’s Playing Agile Schedule Games?

by Johanna Rothman

There’s plenty of pressure to try to finish projects faster. Sometimes that pressure comes from outside the team, from our managers. When it does, the team can succumb to two common agile schedule games: “Double Your Velocity” and “Everyone Start Your Own Story.” If you face these games, you do have options before they destroy your project.

Deadline: Yesterday?

by Brad Egeland

When missed task deadlines start to become a problem, it’s often due to one or more of four reasons. Examining these key possibilities can help get to the root of the problem--and get the project team back on track toward on-time delivery of critical project tasks.

The Five Secrets of Project Scheduling

by Michelle Colodzin

This document defines five factors-or "secrets"-which, when consistently implemented together, result in project schedules that are more likely to be used and maintained throughout the life of a project. A project schedule that is followed and maintained throughout a project can provide early identification of potential schedule slippage, project risks and other issues.

The Living Project Schedule

by Andy Jordan

Project planning isn’t just an activity for the start of the project--the project plan must be a living, evolving document that is updated and changed on a regular basis.

Recovery Schedule Guidelines


Delays in schedules are quite common, and construction schedules are no exception. The delay could be created by the owners, consultants, architects, general contractor, subcontractor, suppliers or by some other extraordinary event. Whatever the cause, the costs of these delays could be significant, and fixing them may take a long time. Here's some help in being prepared.

Project Schedule Risk Assessment

PREMIUM deliverable

How risky is your project schedule? This assessment template will help you catch scheduling risks and address them before they become problems.