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Project HEADWAY: Virtually Facilitating Well


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It's been more than two years since we all moved online. In that time, we have spent hours, days and weeks attending meetings by Zoom, training on Teams and webinars on Webex.

Despite that reality, online meetings for many are a nightmare they would desperately prefer to avoid. Particularly when facilitating, it can be deeply intimidating to look out over a see of blank squares, knowing people are out there but you have no idea of their attentiveness or whether you have their attention. Worse, efforts to get people to participate all too often result in silence, often enough that it feels safer avoiding attempts at audience involvement.

It doesn't have to be this way. Facilitating virtual meetings is certainly different than running one in person, but there are strategies to be able to run meetings successfully and well. In this presentation, Mark dives deep into the strategies that enable effective audience participation in a virtual meeting environment. You'll learns strategies that you can apply immediately to improve the effectiveness and enhance the success of your next virtual meeting.

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