Project Management

Why the Time for Human Centric Project and Change Management is Now!

With COVID and social movements including the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting, we are experiencing unprecedented numbers of employees leaving the workforce, either physically or mentally, in order to avoid high stress and burnout and bring a better sense of balance to their lives. All this, while the ongoing number of projects and change organizations are taking on to remain competitive and satisfy their customers continues to rise. To maintain and grow their customer base, organizations seek out, listen to and leverage their customers to influence decisions.

Interestingly enough, for their own employees, the lifeblood of their business, many organizations don't offer this same level of priority and service especially when it comes to executing projects and driving change. Organizations need to treat and lead valued employees more like their customers. They need to start leading with human centricity.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Define human centricity and its value
  2. Differentiate a human-centric approach from a traditional project and change management approach
  3. Articulate key elements of a human centric approach
  4. Demonstrate strategies and actions that accelerate human centric project and change management

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