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BRE Project Plan

Business reengineering is a primary change initiative resulting from an Enterprise Engineering Assessment and/or Strategic Visioning. It is the way an enterprise dramatically improves performance and customer satisfaction by reinventing the enterprise's business processes and other operational aspects, culture, social systems and technology. It is initiated by an executive vision, directive or concept, not with detailed specifications. Business reengineering is often divided into two distinct phases: design and implementation. Business Reengineering Design is the front end of the reengineering effort, encompassing positioning of the project, an assessment of the current state and reengineering the value streams of the enterprise. It incorporates managerial, operational, social and technological change. Business Reengineering Implementation is the back end of the reengineering effort. It is the process by which piloting is accomplished, transition plans are developed and change is implemented, monitored and measured. This process is encompassed in this plan.

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