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How to improve listening skills

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Having a high level of active and effective listening skill is one of the keys influencing skill which very important for leadership.

There are many rules about right listening, but Julian Treasure on Ted Conference suggested  some exercises for better listening.

Firstly, if you had had three minute a day of silence, you would give possibility for your ear to reset and to recalibrate, so you will hear clearly.

Secondly, when you hear a sounds mix, you could try to defind how many channels do you hear. This exercise will improve the quality of your listening.

The third exercise is about savoring, you need to try enjoy mundante sounds.

The forth exercise is listening position from the sounds mix which you appropriate to listen.

And five exercise is like many traditional rules about listening. It's about RASA: receive; appreciate; summarise; ask. 

You can use this video with Moscow city park sounds, if you'd like, for exercises 2 and 4.


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