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Recently I was actually in a situation very tight deadline and a too brief time. Except my mains projects I was attracted to work as an analyst for a large Federal project. And I had had to develop subsystem decomposition, description of the components and modules, and clarification of details and preparation of the final document in the two days.

I knew I must calculate my power for doing all work in time and with a high quality, and also I knew I must don’t work at night, and leave a little time to rest. I was decided to count the time and monitor them during work. I must have had to create eighteen schemes and their descriptions.

I created one and write the begin time and the end time. Then I made the same with another, because they could have had the different complexity.

I must have had to create eighteen schemes and their descriptions.

Then I made the same with another, because they could have had the different complexity.

After that I knew average time. And I developed my plan, I calculated time worked on each scheme and on its description accordingly with the complexity of the schemes.  The remaining time was planned under the necessary things, including eating, taking some rest, and sleep.

At the end of the second day I was finished the whole job. The secret is, as I think, that in these two days I had not spent unnoticed, perhaps, not one minute, not what hours.

Of course, such strict regulations are not always needed, but it allows you to gather, concentrate and to complete the job.

Measurement time is necessary for management yourself, for work management. And there are different ways to use it for the different types of work.

The time is magic, if you want to do something you will do it.

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Time Management is one of the most important things - If you lose track of time then it might be difficult to catch up sometimes.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Time is the one thing we can't recuperate, that is why we need to closely monitor it.

The Two-Step Time Management Rule:

I. Plan your day to achieve your goals.
II. Keep to your plan.

Thanks Irina

Thanks to all of you for reading my text and your feedback.
Anupam, it's not so easy, especially if you don't have much time. You need not only clear plan, but also you have to follow it. You have to execute your plan effectively. If we are talking about managing yourself, I think it is most depend from your concentration and you need a high emotional pulsebeat.

Thanks for sharing Irina.

There are times where you have to meet timelines no matter what. You need such commitment in these tight times. Glad that you were able to come out with flying colours. Cheers. ...!!

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