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Composure is one of the main leadership characteristics

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Have you ever worked with a nervous head? How did you feel in this situation? Don't you think that such manager behavior has a negative effect to work?

One day I was in a very difficult situation. There was a difficult project, too little time, a lot of reporting.

Last day of the deadline. Hard work. Everyone is tired. All was ready except some acts and the boot modules. We need to write code on some disk units, and at this moment the program fail has gone. Programmers are ready to quit. I don't know how to correct a mistake in the program settings and restore the system. I just support them calm down, discuss and work together to find a solution, and they are in the beginning reluctantly, and then, infected by the desire to deliver work on time, be inspired, work boils, and finally, they report that all done! I see the joy on their faces. It was very pleasant. But a lawyer has been lost all nerves, she could not prepare the last act, I sent her to lunch, and after lunch, helped her, and she did it very quickly. The analyst, who performed the last important and urgent task, had mistaken, so he did not finish his work. I had to be with him and guide him, I saw he calms down and does everything precisely and accurately. We finished our work completed in time.

And what I noticed, my composure and attitude on the result helped us. It was an incredible example of the power of composure. As you know, there are a lot of different researches about linking leaders and team performance. Some of them showed that relationship between leader behavior and team performance is indirect [1]. But I saw in my experience very direct linking. And I have to say that a leader must have great composure. It is one of the keys to successful team performance.

There is also another opinion that composure is one of the qualities of exceptional people [2]. So, we need to remember about it and improve yourself.

 I'll be glad to get your feedback.

Thank you for reading this.

Success to all of you.   




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I agree whole-heartedly that a good leader has to maintain calm and composure in the heat of the moment.

The team must be able to look to their leader to set the example of how to respond to situations and events, especially difficult or challenging situations. We set the tone and the pace for our team to follow.

Thank you for sharing your insights with us.


thank you for your great opinion. I'm glad to hear you.


So true that good leader need to stay calm and keep their composure at critical time. The team benefit greatly from a stable leadership


thank you. I'm really appreciate that we are on the same wavelength.

Composure can be acquired through experience, education, maturity, mindfulness, etc.
Being composed is indeed a good characteristic. Rational reactions are often times results of being composed.
Thanks for Sharing Irina.

Thank you Joseph! I think composure become very important in nowadays especially because of our complicated world with increasing information and communications. These things have some negative influence for people, and we have a lot of depression and nervous people, and some people don't have a right direction in the world. It's my empirical opinion.

A true leader must have composure because they are the center of focus during a crisis or critical deadline that needs to be met. The behavior of a leader under stress does affect the team. Panic will cause more panic. A true leader will be calm and take charge of the situation by guiding the team and behaving as a true leader.

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