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Categories: open house, PMIEF, social good

Welcome to our annual open house! All day long, in celebration of #GivingTuesday, and in collaboration with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF), we are highlighting how you can use project management to give back.

We are thrilled to open up our community today to all project professionals around the world to continue the conversation around making a difference through the use of project management. We have a recorded webinar, a LIVE webinar (open to all), and plenty of articles, blogs, and discussions focused on how people just like you are utilizing their project management skills to create lasting change in their communities. 

Find out what content we have in store for you today by downloading the PM for Social Good® Open House Program Guide! You can also find a listing of today's content below:

Content Type Title
Webinar (On-demand)

Your Role in Building a Pipeline for Project Managers of the Future

Webinar (LIVE - 2pm EST) Moments to Memories: Delivering Lifelong Impact with Social Good Initiatives

The PLOT Thickens: Two Generations of PMs Advance the Profession


‘Planning is Cool’: Motivating Kids with Youth Fiction


Making a Difference in the Nonprofit World: Teaching PM Principles Can Change Lives


A College Professor's Handbook: Producing Future Project Managers


Building the Practitioner Pipeline: Using Your PM Skills to Mentor Teachers


How a PMIEF Scholarship Boosted My Confidence, Opened New Doors and Took My Career to Another Level


Jumpstarting Your Social Good Program


Master's Candidates Use Philanthropic Projects to Complete Capstone Course


Social Good Program Success: An Award-Winning Outline


Strategies for Engaging Students in PM Education


PMI Educational Foundation Launches Unique New Book!


Celebrate “Giving Back” by Joining PMIEF in Reaching its Mission!

Discussion How have you made a difference in your community through project management? ​
Discussion Where do you think you can best use your expertise to make a difference? 

But wait...there's MORE!

TODAY ONLY: For all of those who download the program guide on Tuesday, 28 November 2017 as part of your participation in the Open House, you will receive a special badge for your profile!

We hope that you become inspired to give back to your community and make a difference, no matter how big or how small. In the spirit of celebration and togetherness today's content is open to anyone and everyone so invite your friends and colleagues to join in on the fun!

Help us celebrate #GivingTuesday with the PMIEF and enjoy the day!

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: November 27, 2017 11:59 PM | Permalink

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Darn! Missed registering. Full house!

Looks like a great agenda. I must find time to watch the recorded webinar.

Thanks for putting this together!

I made a commitment last year to join the PMIef at the Leadership Society level after realizing that the unique work they do to broaden awareness of our profession, the support they provide to teachers interested in promoting our profession in schools, the doors they open for people needing the right skills to succeed, and the hope they give to survivors of disasters and people of need, isn't being provided by anyone else. It is up to all of us, as project management practitioners and professionals, to shape the future of project management and to give back to the profession that has given so much to each of us. Please...take this opportunity to get engaged in this noble cause. If you can't give financially, get involved at your Chapter level in a social project or email someone at the PMIef and tell them you'd like to volunteer your talents! If you can give, please know that your money is well-spent and directed at the most pressing of problems facing our world.

Registered for the live webinar
Looking at articles
Always inspiring

LOL!! :)

@Mike: A recording can be viewed on-demand within 72 hours of the live session

I've already downloaded the Program Guide and tried to register for the live webinar but it is already full. Just like Mike, will try to watch it on-demand.

I think 1000 capacity was too less for such a huge audience willing to view the live webinar

I will try to to watch it on-demand.

Thank you for sharing this

Seems quite interesting. I'll keep it in my wish list,

Proud to be a member of an organization that is concerned and actively involved with helping others.

I will catch the on demand webinar.

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