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I am glad to announce that I passed my Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Certification with a score of 95%.

Although my field of expertise is in Construction & Real Estate Development but I’ve always had interest in Scrum and Agile. The PSM I is just the first step but it is indeed a very big step into this domain and it is important for any professional to expand their field of expertise.

That being said, I would like to share my journey towards achieving the PSM I Certification:


1- Read the Scrum Guide and understood everything in details. It is a 16 page guide but very conclusive in terms of the scrum basics. 

2- Read some additional documents and articles like the Nexus Guide.

3- Completed some simulation exams such as Open Scrum which is available for free.

4- Total study time was 1 week (Average of 3 Hours per Day)


1- The exam is 1 Hour and consists of 80 Multiple Choice Questions. 

2- It tests your experience & knowledge beyond the Scrum Guide.

3- Majority of the questions were of moderate difficulty. A lot of questions were situational questions, others were straight forward. 



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Congrats Rami, on your new achievement. All the very best.

Great news Rami, and welcome to the club. By the way, I think Scrum can find it's way to Construction and Real Estate, maybe not in the product delivery side, but certainly the admin, HR and sales side. Things like the daily standup, retrospectives, or small cross-functional teams (they don't need to be development teams).

@Anish:Thanks a lot.

@Sante: Thanks a lot for your support. I agree with you but if you do not use all aspects of scrum then the outcome is not scrum right ?

Congratulation Rami for your achievement, any knowledge would definitely be an asset down the road.

Rami, yes that is what they say ;-) maybe you can be the one to fully integrate it in some way into your industry.

Great. Congrats.




Congratulation Rami :)

Congratulations Rami. Your knowledge is visibke through your posts / comments.

Congratulation Rami on your achievement and thank you for sharing the journey.

@Nenad: Thanks a lot for your kind words.

@Najam: Thank you snd you’re welcome.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!

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