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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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Japanese Approach to Project Management !

I would like to share a unique experience of mine back from 2005 till 2009. I worked for around 5 years hand in hand with two of the largest Japanese Corporations (JGC:Japan Gas Company & Chiyoda). They both were clients of ours on different projects but I will tackle one of the projects in this blog.

JGC were our client / owner representative for one of the largest Gas to Liquid Projects in Qatar called: Pearl GTL Project. Frankly speaking, I learned a lot from them and this was the most outstanding management experience I have ever had. The project was >$1 Billion US, very complex and running on tight schedule. 

Over the years, I've dealt with many large international companies from different countries. They were all very professional but dealing with the Japanese took my experience to a totally different level: 

1- Team Work: Although they were the client, they worked with us hand in hand as if both are one team which resulted in significant positive added value to the project. We never felt they were clients.

2- Openness and Honesty: They built a level of comfort among everyone which resulted in openness, honesty and trust which are important values to achieve in any project. 

3- Efficiency: They were always very efficient, to the point, hard working, very loyal to their company, committed to their work.

4- Attitude: They had an outstanding positive attitude and they were very diplomatic in a positive way to the extent that if they told someone "Go to Hell, he would look forward for this trip". 

5- Precision and Accuracy: Their drawings had minimal discrepancies which obviously minimized any re-work, change orders and variations.  

6- Organizational Chart: They always respected the level of authority within their organization and ours. I've never seen them for even once, by passing anyone. 

7- Punctuality: Always punctual, from higher management going down to the inspectors and they used to be the first to report to work every morning because they believe that you have to lead by example. 

8- Humble and Smart: They were very smart, highly educated and very humble - I've learned a lot from them because when you ask them something, they do not leave you before they make sure you understand. 

9- Meetings: Their meetings were always to the point, that's why during most of our meetings with them, we used to end up with fruitful results in a very short time because they all come prepared to the meeting with one idea (I've seen other companies who would come to the meetings with each attendee having his own agenda and the meeting could take forever). They all spoke as one team, regardless whose idea was it. 

10- Sense of Ownership: If anything went wrong in the project even if it was from our side, they used to take the blame themselves and work with us immediately on finding a solution because they do have sense of ownership and this enhanced the quality on the project a lot. 

11- No Arguments: They do not argue. This is a strength because they do concentrate on being productive rather than being just busy. 

This was a very unique experience. The project went on smoothly and was delivered on time and everyone was happy and looking forward to report to work everyday - It was definitely a win-win situation.

I have high respect to the Japanese culture, their management style and for them as individuals. 

Always Remember: "Unity is Strength and when there is Teamwork and Collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved" - Mattie J.T. Stepanek

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Be Positive !


Everything in life can be Positive or Negative, it all depends how you interpret things. You can either look at the positive side of things and be "Optimistic" or look at the Negative side and be "Pessimistic".

Someone inspired me with this great masterpiece which is a very good example of how things can significantly change when we change the way we look at them: 

                           If You Fail, Never Give Up Because

                                          F.A.I.L.  Means 

                                  "First Attempt In Learning"

                                 End, Is Not the End, In Fact 

                                            E.N.D. Means 

                                        "Effort Never Dies

                                  If You Get NO As An Answer, 

                                       Remember N.O. Means

                                          "Next Opportunity

                                         So Let's Be Positive 


Always Remember: My Blood Type is "Be Positive" !                         

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Before Theory: Ethics of Life and Management !

For everything in this world, there are certain ethics which contribute towards success. I would say, Hard Work contributes 50% towards success and the rest goes for Ethics. 

Some of the most important and basic Ethics of Life are: 

  • Before you Pray - Believe 
  • Before you Speak - Listen 
  • Before you Spend - Earn 
  • Before you Write - Think
  • Before you Quit - Try
  • Before you Die - Live 

Project Management is not any different. It has it's own ethics which contributes towards the success of projects:

  • Before you Initiate - Evaluate 
  • Before you Execute - Plan 
  • Before you Change - Analyze
  • Before you Blame - Communicate 
  • Before you Expect - Give 

Always Remember: If an egg is broken by an outside force, life Ends - If an egg is broken by an inside force, life Begins: Great things happens from the inside !

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Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.