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I am proud to share with you another accomplishment. I passed my Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) Certification with a score of 92.5%.

I would like to share my journey towards achieving the PSPO I: 


1- Read the Scrum Guide and understood everything in details. 

2- Read some additional documents and articles like the Evidence Based Management (EBM) Guide and a very interesting article called: The New New Product Owner.  Both are available online for free. 

3- Completed some simulation exams such as Open Scrum & Open Product Owner which are available for free on the website. 

4- Total study time was 3 days (Average 3 Hours / Day) because more or less it is the same concepts and material I used for the PSM I Exam but with lots of additional material and articles. 


1- The exam is 1 Hour and consists of 80 Multiple Choice Questions. 

2- It tests your experience & knowledge beyond the Scrum Guide.

3- Majority of the questions were of moderate difficulty. A lot of questions were situational questions, others were straight forward. 

If you are applying for the PSM I Certification, and willing to purse this road, I would definitely advise you to apply for the PSPO I shortly afterwards because as I mentioned earlier, more or less, the study material is the same and combined with your work experience, it should not take a lot of time to prepare. 

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Great news Rami. I have put this off but will do it also at some point.

Cheers! SPS next?

SAFe SA is next for me, so I may round it out with SPS as well. Keep the train moving :)

Congratulations Rami and thanks for sharing on how to achieve.

WAW Rami that was too fast congratulations for your efforts & achievements, I am so happy for you, you made it sound so easy to get it, so what next Rami

Congrats, hopefully i will have one of my soon

@Sante: I think you will find it easy since you did the PSM I and ASM.

@Andrew: Thanks a lot. Yes, I am planning on SPS next in addition to some other certificates. Good Luck with your plan :-)

@Najam, thanks a lot.

@Yahya’ thank you and good luck to you.

@Riyadh: Thanks a lot, appreciate it. I wish I could say it was easy but it wasn’t. However, when there is a will there is a way :-)

Next is SPS then hopefully GPM-b then PMI-RMP. Thats my goal for this year hopefully.

@Rami, Good luck looks like you already have set a path, Is there a material to read for green project management,mock exam etc looks the exam fees is just $200. Do you have SAFe are you planning to be certified to teach later on or for job enhancement, the problem I see with few certifications not many employer knows about those credentials and it doesn't seems to add ..

Congratulations Rami, Good luck and all the very best with our new achievement.

@Riyadh: Thank You - In fact, I did set a goal for myself for this year for personal development because I did not have the time to do so last year.

As for thr GPM-b, it is a self study online exam:

1- If you have PMP, you can take the reduced exam (50 Questions) but you have to take a course. If not, then you will go through the full exam 150 Questions.

2- There are two references for studying. One you can download online for free, the other, you need to purchase for $19.

3- If you are a paid member of the GPM community, you will have free access to practice exam.

More information is available here:

I am doing some of those certifications for personal development purposes. It is good to learn, improve and adapt in order to cope with this competitive market so for now I am doing this for myself and future investment and my current employer ecourages self development in anyway we see fit.

Rami, yes I think so. Also as you know, there's some cross over between PSM and PSPO.

and thanks for the insights; i'm looking fwd to taking this on in the next few months


Congrats Rami!

Good tips on how to prepare for the exam and what to expect on the exam.

@Sormon & @Drake: Thanks a lot - Appreciate it.

@Sante: Yes you are absolutely right.

@ Rami, well done and thanks for your detailed reply, I have gone through their website since Munir Ajam mentioned about green management. Good luck with your journey I am sure you will nail that one too.

@Riyadh: Thanks a lot - Much Appreciated.

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