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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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A while ago, through a colleague of mine, I came across some very interesting certifications that are somehow specific to Project Management for Development Projects. I thought of sharing this with the community as it can add value especially for those who are considering working with NGO's in the future on projects in developing countries or those who would like to gain knowledge about what is unique about managing Development Projects. I personally found some interesting areas such as:

  1. Project Justification Management 
  2. Project Closure or Transition 
  3. How development projects look beyond the outputs of a project moving to the outcomes and then long terms goal. 
  4. The use of some agile concepts blended with the traditional project management approach.

You can find info about those certifications at PM4NGOS - Those certifications are administered through APMG International

There are currently three certifications offered: 

  • Program Management for Development Professionals (PgMD Pro 1) 
  • Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro 1) 
  • Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro 2) 

Some quick tips and facts to consider: 

  1. You can do the exams online - Each exam is 75 Multiple Choice Questions and you have 3 Hours to complete the exam. 
  2. Those certifications do not expire. 
  3. No course is required. Just like the, there is a study guide and you can do self-study. The exams are not easy especially the level 2 exams. 
  4. Exams fees are very reasonable.

I connected with PMI with regards to those certifications and they were added to certification list under APMG International so if you go to Edit Profile then Certifications, you will see those listed there. 

It would be great to see your feedback and thoughts - Good Luck to all Aspirants ! 


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Thank you for sharing this information. Having over 10 years working with Development International Organisations, and currently working on a "mini project activity" of my own, I still have a passion for such work and would like to indeed see how I can continue to improve my skills. This is indeed helpful information.

Ruth - You are very welcome. I am glad you found the information useful. Cheers !


Thanks for sharing!! But are they useful?? Are they a good and strong like PMP??? what is aims for these certificates???


This thing you can decide by going through the guide and examination information and check how they relate to what you do. Those complement PMP in a way.

I haven't heard of it before Rami, but will check it out :-)

Good to know about these certifications, Rami. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing Rami!!

Sante - You should but you have more important things to do :D

Girija, Cibin - You're welcome, thanks

Rami, very true :-)

Thanks Rami. Got through this PMD Pro 1, but didn't know that it can be added to the certification list here until I read your post. Already added. Thanks a lot.

Damian - You're Welcome. I just recently approached PMI with this and they added just it yesterday.

Thanks for sharing will check this out

Thanks for sharing, Rami!

Welcome Anish - Hope yu found it useful.

Wow, thanks for sharing this! I had no idea about that. Topic no 3 (How development projects look beyond the outputs of a project moving to the outcomes and then long terms goal) seems to be very interesting. I will check this out.

Rami, good one thanks for sharing you are always pioneer on certifications

Thanks Rami ! Excellent and useful information !

Riyadh, Andrew, Manoj,

Thanks a lot, very much appreciated.

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