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Disciplined Agile and PMI-ACP?

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Disciplined Agile and PMI-ACP?

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Friendship forever

We are often asked how Disciplined Agile (DA) and PMI-ACP fit together and whether DA is meant to replace PMI-ACP.  Fair enough.  So I thought I would write this short blog to help clear the air.  Here are the key points:

  1. PMI-ACP isn't going away.  The PMI-ACP program has been very successful, so of course we're keeping it.
  2. DA and PMI-ACP fit well together. We will soon release an update agile certification roadmap that makes this very clear.  We're currently testing the strategy out in the marketplace and will soon release it widely once we act on the feedback that we're getting. Stay tuned here for a detailed announcement.
  3. The PMI-ACP certification will evolve over time. At some point it would be reasonable to see the ACP certification explicitly include the advanced agile and lean concepts that DA encompasses.  Don't worry, we'll let you know about any changes to the PMI-ACP certification long before they happen, just as we do with other certifications.
  4. PMI-ACP and DA are running in parallel right now. The two programs each have their own schedules. When and if we decide to merge them in some way we will make that clear to everyone.  
  5. We're working together.  The DA team is working with many teams within PMI to bring you world-class offerings, including the ACP team.

In summary, you don't have anything to worry about and it's only getting better. 

Posted on: July 27, 2020 04:05 PM | Permalink

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Thanks for clearing the air on this, Scott - it's one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked!


I concur with Kiron. Lots of questions about this. Thanks.

The released information and roadmap will be helpful to support the premise. Thanks!

Thanks for the updates Scott. Looking forward to seeing the roadmap.

Thanks for the update Scott. I have started in preparation for PMI-ACP and hitting my mind whether it will be worth if DA overcomes in future. A kind of oscillating mind which gets clarified.

Thanks for clarifying the confusion. This helps to choose the right certification based on someone’s career choice.

Thanks Scott, brings clarity

Thanks Scott for sharing, would be happy to see the roadmap and happy to contribute on the same

They are not exclusive. People should read more before asking silly questions.

Thanks for clarifying that.

Love the strait forward answers!

Thanks Scott!

They are integrated right now, at least on paper, but to me and maybe to other members or certification candidates, the phrasing in this post implies that there is still a lack of clarity about the future of ACP. It might stay a part of the DA funnel, it might be melted into it (do then ACP certificate holders get an according DA certificate level?), or it might vanish. All is open.

From an end-user perspective, the first point is worrysome: ACP has been very successful so of course we're keeping it.
Well, that's what is probably about to change with DA, and very much depends on how you market the two programs. As end users, I don't want anyone in my team to get certified on something that has been successful in an economic sense within PMI. I want them to get certified in something that is widely recognized, accepted, and will still add value to their CVs in 5 years.
I totally understand that this aspect cannot be addressed without performance data from the market, but past success, when everything is shifting, doesn't say much.

Ciprian, the point of the post is that we're not doing anything to ACP in the short term. Of course in the long term that decision may change, but right now we have no intention to make significant changes to ACP.

Hi Scott, thanks for replying! this is exactly what I write too. It cannot be touched, because it works, and the rest is yet to discover.
Which is not cool for anyone wanting to train something agile right now, but that's life I guess, mergers take time to work into the existing structures.
It's just not saying either something like: our current plan is to figure it out by Q1 2021, or whatever half-grspable deadline :)

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