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Nice to Have requirements

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I have something about this 'Nice to Have' requirements, certainly. NtH requirements are unavoidable and creepy, but the project manager has to be careful in handling the NtH requirements, as they have the capacity to disturb the project schedule.

There are few characteristics of NtH-

  • They are not part of the original requirements, yet they are related with the original requirements
  • Always remember there will be effort needed for sure to handle those NtH
  • They occupy a personal bias of business user
  • At times, its slightly difficult to identify and ascertain the NtH


How to handle NtH-

  1. In review of the project requirement at all levels, NtH must be identified and segregated from the original business requirements
  2. In the first place, NtH should be avoided as much as possible
  3. Only those NtH requirements, which will enhance overall Value -Add to the final outcome of the project, and that too which can be managed within project schedule and budget can be afforded to implement, yet the overall decision must be carefully adopted.
  4. Where NtH needs a sizable effort, and budget they must be considered as a Change Requested.
  5. Project managers, ought to have all the NtH requirements collected and documented for being considered as phased implementation post Go-Live.
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Thanks for sharing

Hi Satish,
Personally, I think you gave the solution in point #2
"In the first place, NtH should be avoided as much as possible"

@KWIYUH MICHAEL WEPNGONG, thanks, surely this is the bigger part..

If not handled, NTH can make large negative impacts on Schedule and budget of project so we have to manage Nice to have requirements.

thanks everyone for your time

Thanks for Sharing your idea.

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