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'Activate'​ is new SAP Implementation methodology

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'Activate'​ is new SAP Implementation methodology

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'Activate'​ is new SAP Implementation methodology

For long the fable 'ASAP' roadmap was a synonym for SAP project implementation, but with the advent of more powerful modular solution delivery through enhancement packs & business functions and exceptional in memory DATA calculating platform S/4 HANA has migrated from ASAP methodology (a traditional WATERFALL method of project implementation) to an improved 'ACIVATE' methodology (Agile method of project implementation)of software implementation.

The previously used methodology of ASAP is no longer updated by SAP.


SAP now recommends to implement projects using 'ACIVATE'

SAP Activate Methodology is a modular and agile framework for implementation or migration of SAP solutions that provides content and guidance for project teams. It supports project teams through all stages of your project, from initial planning, through requirements implementation, to the on-going improvement of your SAP solution. There are two variants of ACTIVATE methodology:

1. SAP Activate Methodology for cloud solution

2. SAP Activate Methodology for on-premise solutions

1. SAP Activate Methodology for cloud solution: Activate Methodology for Cloud provides an implementation framework to support subscription based software where the system installation and management occur outside of the project (SaaS). Self explanatory four steps (PERD) are:

SAP Activate Methodology for on-premise solutions:

The SAP Activate methodology for on-premise solutions is designed to support project teams in the new implementation of SAP solutions in on-premise deployment model. Self explanatory five steps (PERDR) are:

The 'ACTIVATE' methodology is structured into project phases and work streams that contain deliverables and supporting tasks.

Solution specific accelerators improve efficiencies by providing the project team with the tools necessary to get the job done. SAP Activate Methodology for Cloud is lighter weight than a traditional project making it ideal for smaller project teams. It is easily integrated with larger on premise projects to create a hybrid implementation approach with a single overarching methodology.



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Mayte Mata-Sivera
Community Champion
Head of PMO| Confidential Ut, USA
Thank you for sharing, but new? As far as I know this concept was introduced on Sapphire 2015.

For other readers, this is the link to the graphic

Satish Sharma Certified SAP S4Hana 1909 Financials Expert| Freelance New Delhi, India
Hi Maria, You are right it was introduced as a concept in late 2015, but its still new from the way projects were implemented, 2016 has been a transitory year for subsuming the asap. Thank for your comment.

Jarlei Nascimento Goncalves Coordenador GU-SAP| 4Next Porto Alegre Rs, Brazil
I wrote a little article about Activate, with Scrum steps.

Yaroslav Synko Portfolio Management consultant| De7 LLC Cherkassy,, Ukraine

Subba Rao Bollapalli Delivery Head- Software Solutions| Bahwan IT, Muscat, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
nice article

José Manuel Zárate Cano SAP Project Manager| Farmacias de Similares Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico

Satish Sharma Certified SAP S4Hana 1909 Financials Expert| Freelance New Delhi, India
Thanks for reading and leaving a valuable feedback..

Joanna Couto Boston, Ma, USA
Thanks for your insightful article and everyone's insightful feedback. SAP's recent Agile-friendly approach is a significant change from their 20 year Waterfall orientation.

Satish Sharma Certified SAP S4Hana 1909 Financials Expert| Freelance New Delhi, India
@Joanna Couto, thanks...

Paphatpisit Klinklan Executive Sourcing Manager| Summit Auto Group Bankhai, 21, Thailand
Good methodology

Latha Thamma reddi Sr Product and Portfolio Management (Automation Innovation)| DXC Technology Mckinney, Tx, USA
Thanks for sharing.

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