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Cornelius Fichtner help you with your PMP Exam Prep ( as well as earn free PDUs ( Passing the PMP Exam is tough, but keeping your PMP Certification alive is just as challenging. Preparing for the exam requires an in-depth study of the PMBOK Guide and dedicated study discipline. And once you are PMP certified, then you are required to earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every 3 years to keep your certification alive. Let me help you make this journey easier with tips and tricks on how to prepare for and pass the exam as well as efficiently earning your PDUs once you are certified.

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The Project Manager's Dirty Little Secret (Hint: It's Made by Microsoft but it's not MS Project...)

Categories: PM PrepCast

Here’s a little secret for you -- everybody does it. At one point or another during their careers, every project manager will use Microsoft Excel to manage one of their projects!

That in itself is not surprising. After all, budgets are often tight and companies may not want to invest into full blown project management software. And if they have such a software there are only a limited number of licenses available, which means many stakeholders cannot access the tool. So we project managers make due with what we have. And practically everyone has Microsoft Office.

But what is surprising is the fact that we just improvise. We will simply use Excel to the best of our often mediocre knowledge in order to somehow force a project schedule into those cells.

Well... enter Doug Hong ( and his series of seven free Microsoft Excel tutorials, that you can find at In these seven short videos Doug shows you how to use MS Excel and create professional Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, checklists, pareto charts and more. All for free.

And because I liked the free approach I decided to invite Doug and ask him when and how we should use MS Excel, what Excel features we should learn about to better use it for our projects, and how we can identify the moment in our projects when Excel is really no longer the right tool and we have to upgrade to something more solid.

Until Next Time,

Cornelius Firchtner, PMP, CSM

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Freebie Friday: Free PM PrepCast

Categories: PM PrepCast

Every Friday we present to you a free item for your PMP Exam Preparation.

This Friday, we bring you The PM PrepCast for Free!

Try this out and and you'll get free resources in the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep like the 4 free sample videos from The PM PrepCast (each in high-res and low-res), Over 15 PMP® Exam Tips Videos, Free eBook: The Short Guide to Becoming A PMP and more...

To get access go to

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PM Video of the Week: Organizational Process Assets for the PMP Exam

Categories: PM PrepCast, PMP Exam Tip

This is a free lesson from The PM PrepCast.

In this lesson, we describe the aspects of the assets, which the project manager has at his or her disposal. We see how organizational process assets can be used throughout the project management process groups and are used in all 10 project management knowledge areas. We look at examples of processes and procedures and discuss the information flow and examples of corporate knowledge bases.

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Free PrepCast video on YouTube: Advanced Quality Management Tools - This free video from The PM PrepCast is only available for a limited time. If you are preparing for your PMP exam and like this video then consider using The PM PrepCast that gives you over 50 hours of videos of this kind.

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Free PrepCast Video on YouTube: Project Integration Management Overview

Categories: PM PrepCast

Only this weekend: We are opening to the public this free episode of the PrepCast where we give you an overview of the Project Integration Management Knowledge Area. We review what the knowledge area contains, what the general concepts of its processes are, we discuss project interactions, the charter, the PM Plan, historical files and many other concepts. The PM PrepCast™ contains one episode like this for all 9 knowledge areas in the PMBOK® Guide 4th edition. We want you to be well prepared.

Watch it now!

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"We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it - and stop there; lest we be like the cat that sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot stove-lid again, and that is well; but also she will never sit down on a cold one anymore."

- Mark Twain



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