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Keeping stakeholders informed, especially in a distributed world, is one of the primary responsibilities of a project manager. It isn’t necessary to create an overly complicated mechanism; what is critical is ensuring the consistent use of the process to let everyone in the project community know what’s going on, and give them an avenue to learn more if they so desire. It’s also helpful to remind everyone of decisions that have happened, now and in the history of the project, to keep everyone moving in the same direction.

During the course of a project, many decisions are made that can greatly impact the outcome. Keeping stakeholders aware of changes to requirements, budgets or schedules is an important responsibility of a project manager, made even more important when the project team or customers are fully distributed.

By using a simple decision log, a project manager can get into the habit of alerting stakeholders of new developments, and also remind them of those made previously in the project. Using this communication vehicle, customers can feel included in the process, rather than finding out weeks or months later. This tool is a worthy inclusion for project managers to consider for all projects, and especially for distributed ones.

Use in conjunction with the article Distributed PM: Decision Logs.

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