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Key Performance Indicator Spreadsheet Template


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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are ways of measuring and monitoring project health. They help to focus attention on the dimensions that matter and provide a snapshot of whether and where there are problems.

There are many measures that can be used for projects. The challenge and the opportunity are focusing on those that are most relevant and meaningful. Just because something can be measured doesn’t mean that it should be measured. Designing the right KPIs depends on organizational priorities and what sponsors and managers care most about in how the project is delivered.

This template provides structure to outlining and articulating measures. It is the means of defining the KPIs that will be used, how they will be measured, and how they should be interpreted. Once defined, they can be incorporated into whatever dashboards and reporting are being used within the project.

Sample KPIs are provided as a guide and source of inspiration.

Think about and define the category of measure that is required. For each category that is relevant:

  • Identify the KPI that you wish to track. This is the indicator that you will use and defines what will be measured.
  • Define the method of measuring the KPI. This identifies the data that is required. It defines how the KPI is measured.
  • Identify the unit of measure that is being used. This might be a count, a percentage, an amount. It defines the units that give the KPI relevance.
  • Identify the target for the KPI. This represents the optimal result if the project is performing well. It may be a number to work towards, or a boundary to stay within.
  • Identify how often the KPI will be measured. For many projects, measures are taken monthly, although for some projects daily or weekly measures may be appropriate.
  • Define the type of measurement. Measures might be cumulative, in that they grow over time. They may also be a point-in-time reflection.
  • Identify the thresholds of the KPI that determine whether its status will be green, yellow or red.
  • Consider the source of data that is required in order to measure and report the KPI.

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