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Transition Management
Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is fine & safe.

I want to learn IT Transition Management in detail, as I have started working on the same.

If possible please suggest me what materials I should follow for this practice.

Thanks in advance.

Rajon Banerjee
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Is your question about closing a project and transitioning the outcomes to the sponsor organization? Then the PMBok should be your first stop. Let us know if you are looking for something else.

the PMI program management standard talks about transition of program components and benefits to operations. Not IT specific though.

Any change management framework includes transition topics.

I worked for IBM and did a lot of transitions, using the IBM methodology and lessons learned. Basically, it is about shifting ownership from program/project to operations.

My recommendation is taking a closer look to DevSecOps because it seems "the new wave" on things related to transition, no matter the concepts which compounds DevSecOps are there from long time ago.

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