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What is the best WBS for a project plan for a conference

I am planning a project for a conference. What is the best way to organize the plan. Should it be by group function?
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What size you conference?
What size the team?
Do you plan to do it Agile?

When we do conference , we do decompose the work based on area and we do it more like Agile / Kanban way.

The first level WBS we work with are , Speakers / Talks , Venue , Event Day Logistic , Sales , Marketing.

For us speaker and talks are in focus when we begin and gradually focuses shifs to Sales.

Conference is about 600 people. Project Team is 7 people. Is there a standard template you recommend? Yes, I am doing Agile.

Depends on the size of the conference and the number of people (human Resources) involved and experience in this type of the project.

Organize your plan by deliverables. Saket listed some important deliverables. A quick internet search for conference planning templates can provide more.

Before you decide on your project management approach, make sure you understand your deliverables and whether or not they fit that approach. For example, you might not be able to use full blown Scrum, but you might be able to borrow from it.

I'm getting ready to start planning a conference, as well, so I'll be doing my own research into this topic. I'll reply, here, again, if I come across or come up with anything worth sharing.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I think we are on the right track.

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