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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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I am glad to announce that I passed the PMI-ACP Exam with Above Target rating. It was an interesting journey and very different than any of the other certifications. I thought to share my journey so that future aspirants can benefit from it. 

Study Plan

  • ACP Exam Prep Book by Mike Griffiths: Excellent reference that will help you fully understand every single detail related to the exam and agile projects. I consider this like the PMBOK, a great reference for Agile so I am positive I will always refer to it in the future. 
  • Agile Practice Guide by PMI: Not very detailed but contains some good information about process tailoring, pain points and their trouble shooting, flow based vs. iteration based agile. 
  • Exam Content Outline: Very Important to go through it in details as it might help you get some clues in the exam. 

Personally, I believe Mike's book is a must to pass the exam. Read Mike's book twice, the agile guide as well and highlight the most important items in addition to the exam outline. 

  • Simulation Exams: Solved simulation exams (Whizlab, PM Prepcast & RMC Fast Track). They were all helpful but the exam is way different so do not rely on those simulation exams. They might help you though with eliminating some wrong answers. 

Exam Experience

I am going to talk about my personal exam experience (Without going into details or specific questions):

  • The level of difficulty could be easily comparable with PMP, if not more difficult. Although the exam was very tough but PMI did a great job putting this pool of questions together. 
  • You do not need to memorize anything at all. All the exam was scenario based questions some of which are short, others were very lengthy (At least 40%). Forget about memorizing - Some might find it hard to believe but it is the truth. 
  • The exam tests your understanding of agile very deeply beyond any text book. You need to ensure you fully understand agile and have an agile mindset. 
  • The language of the questions and answers is not easy at all. You might end up reading the question and answers 3 times. 
  • It is the first time I almost run out of time. I finished the last question 10 minutes before the end of the 3 hours and then went and reviewed some of the questions I marked but could not go through all of them again. Watch your time - Some would think that 3 Hours for 120 Questions is a lot but trust me, it is not. 
  • You will find it easy to eliminate two answers but very difficult to chose between the remaining two. You need to deeply think and adopt the agile mindset to properly get to a conclusion in terms of which choice is the best. 

Good Luck to all future Aspirants ! 

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Great stuff Rami. I know you worked hard, and this one was a tough exam. Can I borrow some of your letters please? I have too much on at the moment to get more letters ;-)

Congratulations Rami - I know how important this credential was to you!

I'm really intrigued by your first comment regarding the relative difficulty as compared with the PMP given my personal experience with it. I think I will setup a poll question to gather some data...

Congratulations rami!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the best in your life!! But what is benefit for Agile project?? I haven't heard in our countries!! I listened only for knowledge and education projects right???

Congrats Rami on your achievement !!

Great, Rami! You're killing it this year. Kudos!

I appreciate you sharing the journey with us. This exam is still on my bucket list, so the information passed along here helps greatly; maybe even enough to purchase the book and get started.

Congratulations Rami!!! Is it time for a break now?

Congratulations!! I am currently working on mime as well.

Many congratulations Rami !!
Good job.

Sante - Thank You. You do not need more letters, you are the secret Scrumian :-)

Kiron - Thank You. I am glad I put it off my shoulder.

Well, it is indeed very comparable to PMP and as I said, maybe even a bit more difficult. This is my rationale:

1- In the ACP you have 3 hours to answer 120 Questions of which 100 are scored as compared to the PMP where you have 4 hours to complete 200 Questions of which 170 are scored. I finished the PMP in 3 hours and the ACP in 3 hours too. It cant be that I do not have a grasp on agile otherwise I would not score Above Target and you personally are aware of this probably.

2- All ACP questions I got (Without exception) are fully scenario based and 50% of those are lengthy ones where you will need to read some of the, 3 times to understand what is the question asking and same goes for some answers while for the PMP, the percentage of scenario based questions was reasonable mixed with some others that were straight forward.

3- The room for errors when you have only 100 scored questions is much less than when you have 170 scored questions.

4- Approximately 50% of the questions in the ACP exam had two answers that are very correct so you need to have a very and I mean very deep understanding of the concepts and have an agile mindset. There is no chance you will pass, unlessyou are lucky, if you memorize without an IN-DEPTH understanding. The PMP exam (At my time) probably had 10% of those kind of questions.

I truly believe the exam is very difficult and I am glad it is otherwise this credential wont maintain its true value for long. Like I mentioned earlier, I believe PMI did a good job in administering this exam.

Tamer - Thank you. That is probably not very precise. It is there but not on a large scale. You will see more of it very soon I believe.

Anish, Eduin, Alok, thanks a lot - Appreciate it.

Andrew - Thanks a lot and you’re welcome.

Well, you should go for it and if you need any help, I will be glad to do so.

Dinah - Thank You. Not yet but soon. I have a few minor accomplishements so stay tuned :-)

Maybe soon we see project by agile!!! What is benefits for agile approach? can be apply on construction projects??

Congratulations Rami on a job well done :)

Congrats Rami!

Cibin, Drake: Thanks a lot.

Tamer: There are lots of benefits to Agile depending on the type of project and yes, it can apply to construction but as a hybrid Model (Agile-Traditional Approach). Maybe you should go through the Agile Guide or purchase Mike Griffith's Book, everything is well explained there.

Congratulations Rami! Glad to see you have this finished now. And above target too. :-)

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