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Certifications Wall of Fame: Joke to Reality !

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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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During a conversation with a friend last week as we were working on a private project, he threw a joke that I should create a Certifcations Wall of Fame given that I earned lots of valuable certifications over the years. The joke turned into a serious conversation and thinking about it later, I concluded it would actually be a good idea so I decided to turn the joke into reality.

As I look at all those badges all consolidated in one view, I feel so proud of those accomplishments. I can’t even express how much each and every one of those journeys added value and helped me grow both personally and professionally. 

It took lots of dedication, commitment and hard work to build this concrete wall and guess what, I am ready for the next one. When there is a Will, there is a Way !

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Dear Rami
Interesting is your reflection on "Certifications Wall of Fame"
Thanks for sharing

Congratulations on all of them

One of the striking films for me was: "Peaceful Warrior"
That's when I learned the concept: "Pleasure is on the journey, not the destination."

Continue on your learning journey

Wao!...Hats off to You Rami....
If i may ask....Since when, this journey started? :)


Thank you so much, appreciate your kind words.



Thank you, appreciate it. My journey started late 2015 (At that time, I had around 11 years of experience already).


That's impressive, Rami, congratulations in all your achievements.
I realized that those are only the certifications related to project/program management, however do you also have specifics for your industry?

That's better than the Berlin and China Wall. Great stuff Rami. It couldn't be more deserving. Cheers :-)


Thank you for your kind words. Those certifications are related to:

Portfolio, Program, Project Management
Business Analysis

On top of that, I have a Bachelor of Science in Structural and Civil Engineering so the whole portfolio is diversified but complements each other.



Thank you so much Special Scrumian, appreciate it. That is RMK Wall :D


Wall of Rami ;-)

There are lots of Rami's but RMK (My Initials) makes it my Wall :D

Let these certifications always remind you of the "Journey" and keep you striving towards the next "road".
Do not think in terms of Goals but progress towards improving yourself, each day , with each certification .
Think in terms of how you can help others through this new knowledge or how better can you share it with others and make them better in how they do their jobs. Think Philanthropy.

As Jhonny Walker says ....."Keep Walking ...."


The Journey is what matters, that’s my motto. It is both a combination of Professional Development towards a bigger Goal (Secret for Now).

We are on the same page and JW is my favorite. I have a huge collection and that’s why I will always keep walking, hopefully without a cane.


This is true Rami, you need to be unique. RMK Wall ;-)

This is true Rami, you need to be unique. RMK Wall ;-)

Hats off to you Rami. You're a very impressive man.

Thank You Sante - Cheers Mate


Thank you so much, appreciate your kind compliment.


Congratulations Rami. I admire your passion and determination.
Keep learning and inspiring !

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