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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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Organizational Transformation Series of Courses and Micro-Credentials was recently launched by the Project Management Institute and Brightline Initiative . The series is divided into three courses:

  • Organizational Transformation Foundation (OTF)
  • Organizational Transformation Implementation (OTI)
  • Organizational Transformation Orchestration (OTO)

Before jumping into the specifics about each course, below are some general information related to the courses / micro-credentials: 

  • Self-Paced courses (5 to 10 Hours per course) 
  • Courses Fees range between $199 to $299 for members
  • Each course has 1-Hour Online, non-proctored course-based exam
  • Exams are 30 multiple choice questions
  • Upon completion of the course, you earn 10 PDU's 
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you earn a PMI micro-credential and badge (no expiry)

Organizational Transformation Foundation (OTF)

Organizational Transformation Foundation (OTF) Micro-Credential is suitable for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge on the basics of organizational transformation from the fundamentals of navigating change in transformation projects to the five building blocks of successful transformations with a focus on the human-centered approach to enabling change.

Organizational Transformation Implementation (OTI)

Organizational Transformation Implementation (OTI) Micro-Credential is about the "Doing" part of the Organizational Transformation which concentrates on:

  • Managing rapid response teams
  • Building core capabilities

It goes through the domains of:

  • Understanding Transformation Strategies
  • Assessing Transformation Readiness
  • Building Capabilities

Organizational Transformation Orchestration (OTO)

Organizational Transformation Orchestration (OTI) Micro-Credential is about the "Leading" part of the Organizational Transformation which concentrates on:

  • Capturing Value
  • Driving Continuous Growth and Prosperity 

It goes through the domains of:

  • Leading People-Centered Transformation
  • Achieving Organizational Outcomes
  • Market Awareness and Strategic Response 
  • Assessing Capabilities 

Being one of the first few professionals who completed the whole series, I can attest that the series added lots of value and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in Organizational Transformation. It is very well structured, and supported by case studies and online resources.

Stay tuned for more to come ! 


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Dear Rami
Very interesting these microcredentials
What is your assessment of the cost/benefit ratio?
Cost = (price hours of study hours of attending the course hours of taking the test)

Thank you Luis. The course are amazing and tackles a very important subject that many organizations are undergoing these days.

Hours per course around 10 hours plus one hour exam. For me personally, benefits outweighs the cost for sure.

Good information sharing; Thanks!!!

This is super-helpful, thank you.
In your opinion, is it necessary to refresh oneself on PMP terminology & standards, or is this series more of a "stand-alone" course?

Youre welcome Orla. This is a stand-alone series so I dont think you need to refresh yourself about PMP terminology and standards. The exam are 100% course based.

Hello Rami, How do you do? I really hope you are doing well.
Special thanks to you and your super help all over the website. I really admire your good spirit.

I was thinking about the OTF (course exam) micro credential. And I wonder if the Brightline's Transformation Compass, and the Transformation Playbook are enough materials for the exam?
Or does the exam fully rely on the stand-alone course?
Is there any mock-up exam questions to practice on?

Special thanks to you again
Kind Regards, Islam

Hi Islam, All is well thank you and I hope you are too. Thank you as well for your kind compliment, it is always my pleasure to help.

The course is more than enough to pass the micro-credential. It's a great course and you will enjoy going through it.

As for the mock-up, I don't think there is one.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!


How would you suggest go about studying for this exam? I've already taken the class and am in need of re-taking the exam. I thought I had a good understanding from the class alone but it didn't translate over to the exam. Are there external materials or topic check lists for study review?

Hi, I’ve to take my OTF exam tomorrow morning. Any suggestions based on your experience?

Allison and Sergio: For each exam, I went through each course twice, that's all. I am not aware of any external material and in my opinion, if you deeply understand all concepts and course material, this will suffice as I did notice that all three exams are course based. Nothing really stood out for me as not being covered in the courses. Hope this helps - Good Luck!

Hello Rami, happy to share with you that today I successfully passed the OTF. That was pretty easy and, you were right, nothing in the exam questions that was not covered in the courses. Moving to my next challenge now: OTI and OTO

Sergio, excellent news. Congratulations and good luck with the next ones!

Congratulations Sergio !!

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