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Pinned: Tell us your PM Love Story! Why do you LOVE project management?  Marjorie Anderson  Feb 22, '17 6:46 PM  36 
Where can i find the best PMP training organization in Edmonton, Canada?  Robert Hammond  Feb 28, '17 12:26 AM 
Agile values & principles in a Construction context  Vincent Guerard  Feb 27, '17 11:48 PM 
Measuring Leadership and social responsibility ?  Hari Susanto  Feb 27, '17 11:27 PM 
CCR - PDU's for Next Cycle  Aejaz Shaikh  Feb 27, '17 11:19 PM 
Do you find your organization does a good job including IT in the initial planning stage of projects?  Andrew Craig  Feb 27, '17 10:41 PM  16 
Do members living the same area ever gather for face-to-face meetings?  Eric Simms  Feb 27, '17 10:19 PM 
Do anyone discuss about the decision making by top management prior to approve any project?   Khairul Azizan Cucunaga  Feb 27, '17 7:18 PM 
How to attract the attention of the Sponsors to invest in the best practices of the PMBOK, what would be their strategy?  Eduin Fernando Valdes Alvarado  Feb 27, '17 6:47 PM 
Within a country, have you noticed regional differences that affect the way you relate to stakeholders? Or does everyone’s commonality as residents of that country transcend those differences?  Eric Simms  Feb 27, '17 6:31 PM 
Project/Program Introduction - Appreciate your kind HELP !!!  Ganesh Srinivasan  Feb 27, '17 3:48 PM 
PM Roles differentiated by level of engagment  Michael Clark  Feb 27, '17 3:44 PM 
Looking for volunteer(s) to review PM Game texts  Alexander Orlov  Feb 27, '17 2:19 PM  12 
Quality online Registered Education Providers  Samat Ryskulov  Feb 27, '17 1:32 PM 
You can only pick one book in Project Management to take along to a desert island. Which one would it be and why?  Eduard Hernandez  Feb 27, '17 12:40 PM 
Looking for PMs at big enterprises to validate our product pivoting idea  László Schelhammer  Feb 27, '17 10:46 AM 
What are the possibilities of getting the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition in Audio/MP3 format  Stanley Oranika  Feb 27, '17 10:42 AM  16 
Alignment Framework Between Building Information Management Processes and the PMBOK® Construction Extension Guide Processes in Construction Projects  Saad Al Jabri  Feb 27, '17 9:34 AM 
Hello, I would like to have a clearer criterion about what level at WBS is most suitable for develop some deliverables, specifically for the construction sector, bearing in mind that this is mostly   Carlos Rúa Machado  Feb 27, '17 8:21 AM 
Project Manager's JD-  Chandrashekhar Thatte  Feb 27, '17 5:40 AM 
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